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Welcome to our Online Interactive Workshops: JEWELLERY section. At CraftyMonkies we always intended to create an online offer so that every member of the crafting community can be involved! Now, from the comfort of your own home & the amazing Zoom website interface, you can craft along with our expert tutors via a series of online courses/tutorials which will be rolled out in the coming weeks & months!

We are also going to be introducing a multi-tier (ie Silver, Platinum, Annual Membership) Online Club (Take 3) very soon which people can sign up to via Monthly Subscriptions, subject to how much content they would like to pay for or wish to see. Among other things, the Take 3 Online Club will feature regular Tutorials, Competition Giveaways, Bonus Content from a wide range of talented crafters, a private-access Facebook group and Q&A sessions with our carefully-selected and in-demand tutors.

Please see below for details of our upcoming JEWELLERY Online Interactive Workshops with the following top crafters & designers already signed up & ready to deliver the most wonderful experiences just for YOU!:-



Jewellery Class 01 (TBC)

with Top Crafting Guest Tutor



Jewellery Class 02 (TBC)

with Top Crafting Guest Tutor



Jewellery Class 03 (TBC)

with Top Crafting Guest Tutor


Jewellery Class 04 (TBC)

with Top Crafting Guest Tutor

With all our Online Interactive Workshops and particularly in light of the current Coronavirus pandemic, a portion of the fee charged will go directly to a chosen charity, detailed within the course information. Please keep an eye on this section of our website and our social media accounts (Instagram/Facebook) to learn about new Online Interactive Workshops as & when they're announced in the coming days/weeks and of course the CraftyMonkies Online Club, which will be coming very soon!...

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IMPORTANT: Due to the low price point, no Discount Coupons can be redeemed against any CraftyMonkies Online Interactive Workshops. Discount Coupons are strictly for 'live' courses/workshops and weekend retreats.

All times listed are based on web-broadcast from the UK and are in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).


29.02.20 + 01.03.20

Weekend Retreat with One-Day Workshop, Spa, Dinner & Overnight - or just join us for the One-Day Workshop!

Oulton Hall Hotel, near Leeds

Join us for a unique ‘crafting combined with mindfulness’ experience: learn some invaluable life skills and indulge in a day of brush lettering. Featuring our wonderful tutors, Harley Street resident coach Tony Burkinshaw and Editor of  ‘Simply Lettering’ magazine Lou Collins

Oulton Hall Hotel, near Leeds

Saturday 29 February & Sunday 01 March 2020

Oulton Hall Hotel

Rothwell Lane, Oulton, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS26 8HN


Join us for either the one day mindfulness and brush-lettering experience on Saturday 29th February, or treat yourself to the one day experience PLUS dinner that night, overnight hotel accommodation, breakfast & spa!

Included within the course fee is tuition from our two wonderful tutors, a brush-lettering mini-kit to take away, lunch & refreshments during the day! 

Those unable to join us for the full Weekend Retreat can simply join in on the Saturday course via our
Book Online page.
Please note: We are also running a Two-Day Sewing & Quilting Workshop and Two-Day Photography Workshop at this venue on the same dates!

Tony Burkinshaw - Saturday 29th February 2020

Beginners Course on Mindfulness

By the end of the day you will understand what mindfulness is. Have at least 3 mindful techniques to take away and use for those stressful moments. Learn and practice them through the day. Know how to use Mindfulness Meditation (even for a few minutes in the car it can be done and provide huge mental wellbeing benefits) Be able to share your own experience and learn tailor made techniques to help YOU.

Lou Collins - Saturday 29th February 2020

Beginners Course on Brush-Lettering

Lou will be helping you to use Tony's mindful techniques as well as teaching you the beautiful art of brush lettering. You will learn how to use pressure to your advantage while lettering and how to apply heavy pressure on downstrokes, and light pressure on upstrokes, also the importance to try for a clean transition between two weights. You will see how to change the thickness of heavy downstrokes to completely change up the style of your lettering and perhaps some flourishing and shadowing. Sound complex? Don’t worry, you'll get the hang of it and be sweeping and gliding in no time!


Book online today or, for any further information, please contact us:-

07307 622093

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