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Online Interactive Demonstration with
Sherri Lynn Wood 

CraftyMonkies Sherri Lynn Wood Online Interactive Workshop: Sustainable Quilting Demonstration!


17.00-18.30 (GMT)

Online Interactive Demonstration

Sherri Lynn


Improv Quilting:

Sustainable Quilting!

CraftyMonkies Sherri Lynn Wood Online Interactive Workshop: Sustainable Quilting Demonstration!

Sherri Lynn Wood

Saturday 02 December 2023

17.00 - 18.30 (GMT)

Online Interactive Demonstration

Sustainable Quilting

We're absolutely delighted to welcome Sherri Lynn Wood to the CraftyMonkies family for a unique and inspirational brand new demonstration and talk. Sherri hasn't offered this anywhere else and we're so proud to say she chose us to showcase this new demonstration. We know you are going to love it and find it so useful...


Who is Sherri Lynn Wood?

Sherri Lynn Wood is not only a notable modern improv quilting teacher and author of The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters but also a passionate advocate for the art of repurposing old clothes for quilts. With her unique approach to quilting, she encourages her students to see beyond the traditional notions of fabric and explore the potential in salvaged textiles. By breathing new life into worn-out garments, Sherri Lynn not only reduces waste but also creates one-of-a-kind quilts that tell stories of resilience and resourcefulness. Her classes are a blend of practical skills and artistic expression, inspiring her students to embrace their own creativity and find beauty in the discarded. Sherri Lynn has taught improv quilting as a creative life practice for over 30 years and was the keynote speaker at Quiltcon in 2019. Through her teachings, Sherri Lynn Wood is creating a vibrant community of eco-conscious improv quilters who are making a difference one stitch at a time and she wants to invite you lovely CraftyMonkies into her ever growing tribe of eco friendly quilters!

What You Will Learn in this Online Demonstration:-

If you're a regular CraftyMonkies student, you'll know that when you turn up to class, generally you sew and work alongside our teacher.


This event with Sherri is slightly different, but no less valuable, as although you won't be sewing along with Sherri (there is no sewing to be done) she will still be teaching you for the entire session the principles of discovering the potential of eco-friendly quilting with recycled clothes. She'll be experimenting with different fabrics like jeans, wool, linen, lace, stretchy fabric, t-shirts and sweaters and teaching you how to take apart, clean, strengthen and stitch with these materials. She'll help you to find an array of vibrant colours and interesting textures in the endless selection of old garments and use special details like buttons, pockets and trims to enhance your quilt designs. If you're looking at your stash and thinking of throwing it out, or you're uninspired, come along and learn how to seek out and include sustainable fabrics in your quilting stash!


The demonstrations and teaching will be fully interactive meaning you will be there on screen with us like in a regular class ( you don't have to have your video on if you don't want), you can show Sherri your fabrics and ask any questions; it's like a regular class, but with no sewing and as its a slightly shorter length class its lower in price, exceptional value at £25.00 / $30.00! So please come and join our  conversation about sustainable quilting and bring your inquiries and solutions to the table.

Tickets for this Online Demonstration (via the Zoom platform) will be limited and allocated on a first-come/first-served basis! 

The ticket price of £25.00 (approx $30.00) is based on ONE person attending this crafting class.

This CraftyMonkies online interactive workshop is being broadcast from the United Kingdom and the class time given is based on Greenwich Meantimee (GMT). We advise you check via Google Search (or similar) to see corresponding start-time in YOUR location!

Here's a great world time zone reference:-


Are you not able to attend this class due to living in a different time-zone? Are you otherwise engaged on the date of this workshop? Well, we have excellent news! This class is being recorded and a link will be sent to all classmates a few days after the class, so you can watch in your own time!

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