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Online Interactive Workshop with
Victoria van der Laan

CraftyMonkies Victoria van der Laan Online Interactive Workshop: Explore Your Intuition Further!


16.00-19.00 (BST)

Online Interactive Workshop


van der LAAN

Sewing & Quilting:

Explore Your

Intuition Further!


Victoria van der Laan

Saturday 22 April 2023

4.00pm - 7.00pm (BST)

Online Interactive Workshop

Explore Your Intuition Further!


We're so excited to welcome back Victoria van der Laan again under the CraftyMonkies spotlight for a follow-up class to her Use Your Intuition workshop, which last ran in January 2023! This brand new class was requested by the classmates in her first class (they wanted to go deeper!), so she got to work creating it and here we are!

Introduction by Victoria:

"Hi folks! I'm Victoria van der Laan, a textile artist and quilter living and working in Albany, NY. In January I taught my first workshop with CraftyMonkies, Use Your Intuition, in which I shared how I create my intuitive stacked forms quilts in the moment with no planning or pattern. Even before that class ended folks were asking for a second workshop to further explore my intuitive approach to quilt-making. I am so excited to bring that to you in this new offering!"


What You Will Learn in this Online Interactive Workshop:-

In this workshop we'll take a deeper dive into the techniques I shared in the Use Your Intuition! workshop and explore some of the many variations possible with this technique. PLEASE NOTE: Though completing the first workshop is not required as a prerequisite, I will only briefly review my technique for making intuitive stacked forms quilts which are the basic building blocks for the compositions we'll make in this class. From there we'll discuss some of the variations that are possible with this technique and dive in to some new ways to approach the design of these pieces and experiment together.


In addition to working from scratch to build different compositions I will show you how to incorporate cast off bits from the process into new works as well as how to alter and/or combine already made stacked forms pieces. If you're able, make some pieces with a few stacked forms to bring along to the class, along with any fabric pieces you've cut away in the process. Prior to class you will also receive a pdf with instructions for putting together some basic patchwork to use in some of the variations I'll show you. Even more so than my first workshop, this is a process-based class with the goal of experimentation and generating ideas. You will hopefully leave the workshop with some patchwork that can be built onto to create finished pieces and lots of new ideas, as well as the confidence to give them a try!


Skill Level for this Online Interactive Workshop:-

PLEASE NOTE: This is technically a follow up to Victoria's first CraftyMonkies workshop, Use Your Intuition! Though it is not a prerequisite, the first workshop covers a lot of the foundational techniques that will be required in this class. If you're a more seasoned sewist who has experience sewing curves you will likely be able to catch on just fine, but if you're more of a beginner, or if you'd like to have some material to cut up and work with, I would suggest watching the recording of the first class and practicing a bit before taking this workshop. The class can be rented for 60 days from the CraftyMonkies shop by clicking here:


Fabric requirements for this Online Interactive Workshop:-

NOTE: It's not imperative to have these exact lengths of fabric, especially as we experiment with some different ways to approach this technique. I prefer solids but prints are fine, too! I will be showing you several different variation options so it's a good idea to have a bunch of pieces to work with. Please make sure your fabrics are fully pressed and ready to go--it will make the process much easier!

  • one (or more) half yard length (width of the bolt) of quilting cotton for the background

  • one (or more)16 inch length (width of the bolt) of quilting cotton for the forms

  • a variety of medium-large scraps to experiment with

  • any cut-out pieces from the first workshop (fabric cut away from the background to make the forms)

  • any completed or semi-completed tops from the first workshop that you'd like to experiment with


Equipment requirements for this Online Interactive Workshop:-

  • Sewing Machine

  • Rotary Cutter (with a sharp blade!)

  • Cutting mat, at least 20 inches wide (or at least as wide as your background fabric)

  • sewing/hem gauge with sliding marker or small clear acrylic ruler (a regular school ruler can work, too)

  • fabric marking pen or tailor's chalk

  • straight pins

  • thread to match the background fabrics, or a neutral color

  • iron

  • fabric scissors

  • Optional - starch alternative spray, like Flatter or Best Press


Pattern Information relevant to this Online Interactive Workshop:-

Within a few days of purchase all participants will receive a pdf with simple instructions for prepping some simple patchwork prior to the workshop. This is not required but will help you get the most out of the live instruction.​


Tickets for this Online Interactive Workshop (via the Zoom platform) will be limited and allocated on a first-come/first-served basis! Any free pattern and other information, relevant to this course will be forwarded to you after booking and approximately 5 days before the course date.

The ticket price of £30.00 is based on ONE person attending this crafting class.

This CraftyMonkies online interactive workshop is being broadcast from the United Kingdom and the class time given is based on British Summer Time (BST). We advise you check via Google Search (or similar) to see corresponding start-time in YOUR location!

Here's a great world time zone reference:-

Ordering MATERIALS/EQUIPMENT Online For Any Class/Workshop!

Please ensure you book your place & order any materials/fabrics/equipment online in plenty of time ahead of course dates.

This class will be recorded for all participants.

So if you can't attend, don't worry a recording will be sent to you (and to those who do attend!)

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