I need crafty blogging ideas. That’s why I've gone to the fabric shop to find new material!...

Updated: Jan 24

Start as you mean to go on, that’s what they say don't they? "Make 'em laugh, make 'em laugh".

So, welcome Dear Reader! This is the first #CraftyMonkies blog and as I sit here tapping at the keys (slowly, I'm a terrible typist), I've been thinking "What do I want to achieve?" Well, if you're still reading this I've achieved my first goal: to make you read on past the first sentence, so that’s got to be a positive!

I'd love to be able to write something to give you a little smile, a piece to spark your #creative juices, and maybe give you some #craftyinspiration? Perhaps tell you something you didn't know, or just allow you to curl up with a cuppa and have a moment away from your screen... except, of course, you'll be reading this on a screen lol! What I mean is to get you away from scrolling through your device and looking at everyone’s perfect lives on Instagram (they're not you know), or reading about politics (may the Big Fella Upstairs save us), or people’s views on politics (fisticuffs at dawn)! I'd also like to be honest, (sometimes life is tough, let's not pretend it's a bed of roses) but always with a 'soupçon' of humour and some fancy words, (there was one right there, I couldn't spell it). So I do hope you will check in on a regular basis..

Oh, and I'm #RachelPierman

(Please see cheesy pic below)

I'm the founder of #CraftyMonkies!

Some people think it's a shared business with #SarahPayne - the fabulous Quilter you may or may not know. It's not, its mine (I'm an only child, you can tell)! Although Sarah is very much my wing-man, my Sista From Another Mista, my biggest supporter and No 1 cheerleader: I could not have launched this without her. I'll tell you more about how CraftyMonkies came to fruition in the next blog-post. It involves an idea, a spark, more than one looooong chat (with the lovely Sarah & others) and an unforeseen shove from a former boss-man. This was all followed by feelings of free-falling off a cliff, procrastination, doubt, wine (OK a tad more wine!), #CraftyFolks offering tremendous support, faith, a wing and a prayer, more than a wee sprinkle of self-belief, acting like a toddler, never being far from feeling the fear and yet jumping off anyway... oh, and a first booking! Wow, that's going to be an interesting one to write!...

But for now there are chestnuts roasting on the open fire (well done hubby!), friends waiting by the door, snow falling... no, wait, that's one of those 'Insta-perfect-life' scenarios. In reality, I've got laundry to put in, menus to plan, loads of Christmas wrapping to do (all of it, haven't even started!), some last-minute panic buying, snapping at someone (it's Christmas after all) and gorging on far too many Quality Streets: "It's the most wonderful time of the year"! Mmmmmmm....

Until 2020 arrives with a flourish - or vengeance, subject to whatever the weather might have in store! - I wish you all a Fabulous Festive Season filled with more than your deserved share love, joy, hope, laughter and a drizzle of deee-licious Rhubarb & Ginger Gin which I've just discovered this winter and it's absolutely heavenly! See you again soon...

#CraftyMonkies Out!