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Purchase this digital product and receive a link to the YouTube video of the CraftyMonkies Online Interactive Workshop featuring leading designer, tutor and craft expert Gary Mills and his wonderful Woolly Cow Appliqué workshop!


Once you have purchased this product, the PDF document you will receive contains a link to the private-access video on YouTube



Gary is introducing this adorable ‘Woolly Cow’ Appliqué design in his three-hour workshop. You choose the colourways of your fabrics, from natural orange rusts, reds and browns or funky pinks and shades of purple for a more unique contemporary feel.


This workshop is very much a ‘skills bomb’ of processes for you to learn.  Gary has tailored this project for all to enjoy learning a mixture of creative textile skills. You will begin the session firstly by transferring the supplied image onto cloth, next how to use heat bonded adhesive for securing the appliqué pieces; Gary will then guide you through using free motion embroidery to add an artistic sketched stitched line to bring your applique to life. The workshop is a great start to get to grips with these addictive skilled processes; you will even learn some hand-tinting with colour to finish off your outcome! This class is full of little cheats and 'how-to' tips to get the best results from both yourself and your sewing-machine.


‘The Woolly Cow’ could be simply framed but would make a great panel for a quilt or even a cushion centre - Gary will discuss with you any ideas that come up through this workshop!...


What You Will Learn in this Online Interactive Workshop:-

This three-hour session is divided into two halves with a short comfort break for 10 minutes in the middle. To begin you will be introduced to the project, and then Gary will guide you through each of the skills processes:

You will learn how to transfer the image, how to cut and then bond onto fabric small pattern pieces to build the image. Prepare the fabric for free-motion embroidery and apply stitches to further secure but also add a defining line to the image which is then tinted with hand paints to add a unique hand-crafted finish to your work.


Skill Level for this Online Interactive Workshop:-

Gary has many years’ experience as a professional practitioner and teacher of textiles; his workshops are so enjoyable, fun and very well organised with his clear and patient guidance. This workshop is suitable for all; if you are a beginner this is a great project to learn and understand the processes of bonded applique with addition of free motion stitching for decoration. For those more experienced and advanced you can further hone your skills by working on improved accuracy and artistic ability to achieve a first-class professional finish.


Fabric requirements for this Online Interactive Workshop:-

The following items are required for this online interactive workshop:

· Base fabric: Cream / White cotton canvas or heavy calico, or heavy linen minimum size 21cm x 30cm, although you can work on a larger piece if you prefer. Pressed

· Stitch and tear 21cm x 30cm

· Bonda web or similar iron on fusible fabric adhesive for bonding applique pieces 25cm x 50cm

· Selection of small pieces / scraps of suitably chosen fabrics. Check your colour and pattern choices with reference to the exampled Woolly Cow images (light wools and tweeds, printed and plain cottons and polyesters)

· Good quality Sew-all polyester dark (black / dark grey / dark brown machine thread


Equipment requirements for this Online Interactive Workshop:-

· 1 x sheet A4 tracing paper,

· Soft pencil B1-2 and blue biro to transfer image.

· sticky tape or masking tape

· Sewing machine with an embroidery or darning foot attachment with a new needle size 12-14

· An iron, sheet of baking parchment for pressing,

· Small sharp embroidery, fabric scissors and small paper scissors

· Pins

· A palate of water colour paints (a children’s set will do) and a small brush for tinting your final image, small pot of water.

· A soluble fabric marker pen is useful.


Pattern Information relevant to this Online Interactive Workshop:-

Those purchasing this workshop will receive Gary’s unique PDF pattern for ‘The Woolly Cow’ and the guidance instructions.


Additional Information relevant to this Online Interactive Workshop:-

· Print off images x 2 (one for you to follow and one to cut up)

· Please have filled bobbins and threads ready for the start of the session.

· IMPORTANT: Please check that your Sewing-Machine is working well for free motion embroidery prior to the session; therefore, do run off some stitches on a scrap of fabric prior to the start of the session.


This class is available to view as many times as you like for 60 days from your date of purchase.


NOTE: Any short video featured in this promotional info is a Trailer and not the fully-edited version you'll gain access to via YouTube!


© Copyright CraftyMonkies Ltd. All rights reserved.

Video of Workshop: Gary Mills - Woolly Cow Appliqué!

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