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Launched on 1st June 2021, our growing band of merry VIP Members are already telling us how much they absolutely loooooooooove our exciting NEW

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'What exactly will I learn?we hear you cry!

September 2021 - See assorted video clips on this page!

After Gary Mills' fabulous Mixed-Media offering in August 2021, we head 'across the pond' to the good old United States of America for some Traditional Quilting with a wonderful new talent (new to us anyhoo!), Jennie Picket of Clover & Violet fame. In her opening session for the CraftyMonkies, Jennie take us through the many techniques behind making a stunning Baby Medallion Quilt  (baby-size making it an achievable project), but with lots of solid piecing skills, tips and techniques to learn and then apply to bigger makes - a truly wonderful project featuring 22 in-depth chapters!

October 2021

The lovely Janet Clare returns with the second offering of her first year's VIP Member Club commitment, with a look at the world of Fabric Creation! How you can create your own designs using a myriad of different techniques - free motion, tea dyeing, bleaching, rusting, embroidery, fusible techniques and much, much more!

November 2021

CraftyMonkies regular Sarah Payne demystifies Free-Motion Quilting! Using four quilt blocks, Sarah teaches you specific free motion motifs including: pebbles, meander, flowers, feathers and many more! She also talks about the power of negative space, quilt as you go and how to plan your designs.


December 2021 and onwards into 2022!...

As the festive season approaches, we enter the world of Dressmaking with a Japanese inspired jacket from Gary Mills, but as always Gary takes it a step further. He’s bringing textile art into a garment using mixed media techniques, plus teaching you how to create your very own pattern for the jacket.


The wonderfully creative Lucy Brennan continues the mixed media theme, with a twist! She’s teaching us how to create a Wall-Hanging Vision Board to get you set for the New Year! It features embroidery, buttons, mini blocks and much more, plus we have more tutors lined up for you in this first year - unlike the Take 3 Private Member Club which only ran for one year,  the CraftyMonkies VIP Member Club journey has no end date - there’s so much more in store to unveil in the coming weeks & months and we very much hope you'll join us!!!...

Remember, ALL this wonderful content is EXCLUSIVE to the CraftyMonkies VIP Member Club - you will not see it anywhere else! Believe us when we say that it’s going to be an absolutely wonderful journey to follow...

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