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Online Interactive Workshop with
Kate Sandford 

CraftyMonkies Kate Sandford Online Interactive Workshop: Scrap Roll-Up!


16.00-19.00 (GMT)

Online Interactive Workshop



Sewing & Quilting:

Scrap Roll-Ups!

CraftyMonkies Kate Sandford Online Interactive Workshop: Scrap Roll-Up!

Kate Sandford

Saturday 24 February 2024

16.00 - 19.00 (GMT)

Online Interactive Workshop

Scraps & Roll-Ups!

We are delighted to welcome another new teacher to our stable, Kate Sandford. Recently Kate made an Instagram reel of her very versatile and usable Scrap Roll-Up. To date it's had 1.9m views and tons of questions asking how she does it and what can she make with it! So we thought we'd show you in a class!...


Introduction by Kate:-

Hi, I'm Kate (@katemustsew on Insta) and I've always been crafty! Brought up on the Isle of Wight, one of my first memories is sitting under a table cutting out shapes from paper. At high school I was in the art room at every opportunity, and I was encouraged to apply to art college and went on to study Glass Blowing. It turned out I was incredibly bad at it but it didn't dampen my creative spirit. Years passed and with two small children in the house, the need to find a creative outlet was overwhelming. My youngest child was given a Linus quilt during a hospital stay and I thought to myself “I could make that” and I haven't stopped making quilts since. I revel in the freedom of crafting colourful unique designs without rigid patterns. My quilts showcase a wide range of techniques, from precise piecing to playful improvisation. Embracing a balance of creativity and learning, I weave play into my studio time. My approach is rooted in a love for the craft and a belief in the importance of play, resulting in quilts that tell a story of personal expression and thoughtful artistry. She is also increasingly interested in the rise of sustainable quilting practices and saves all of her tiny scraps of fabric for use in my work.

What You Will Learn in this Online Interactive Workshop:-

In this workshop, we will turn sewing room scraps that you might have otherwise discarded, into vibrant unique fabric strips to use in your own way. Using paper rolls as a foundation, Kate will guide you in transforming your stash of small fabric scraps into convenient jelly-style rolls that can be used to add visual interest, scale, texture, or pops of colour to your work. We will also discuss ways for you to adapt this technique to give you a truly personal outcome totally unique to you - curated scrap strips, monochrome, low volume, solids, there are so many possibilities! This technique is ideal for use in true scrappy quilts as well as a great starting point for creating visually interesting fabric that can be used in modern, art and improv quilts, clothing, bag making, and mini quilts. Plus you save all that fabric from the bin!


In this workshop Kate will teach you how to:-

  • Conquer those piles of tiny scraps

  • Gather and store your materials

  • Piece tiny scraps together efficiently

  • Piece with odd shapes and triangles

  • Reduce seam bulk

  • Piece for easy paper removal

  • Incorporate cherished fabrics

  • Trim for a tidy, easily stored roll

  • Use the strip in a conventional quilt block

  • Create a simple but effective block for an impactful quilt

  • Judge when to remove the paper

  • Use other foundations such as fabric and interfacing to create a bespoke roll

Skill Level for this Online Interactive Workshop:-

Suitable for Beginners, however the technique has lots of scope to interest more advanced quilters. Just come and play!

Material requirements for this Online Interactive Workshop:-

You will need a PAPER Till-Roll or Calculator Roll for this class.

Avoid THERMAL paper as it gives off a strong smell and changes colour when ironed.

Kate will be will be using a 2 ¼ “ paper Till Roll - you can use whatever width roll you prefer!

Till/Calculator Rolls are available at office supply shops, Amazon (keywords, adding machine paper rolls, non thermal paper rolls, printer rolls). Other places where you can find them, Facebook Marketplace, charity shops, and local buy nothing groups such as Freegle.


If you cannot find a paper till/calculator roll you can use:-

  • A lightweight sew-in interfacing

  • A thin cotton

  • Sheets of thin printer paper

  • Foundation paper piecing paper

Cut these into strips totalling 1m in length

  • 2 ¾ ” wide for interfacing or cotton (you will not need to remove this when pieced)

  • 2 ¼ “ wide for the foundation/printer paper


Fabric requirements for this Online Interactive Workshop:-

We will be using scrap fabric in this class, any fabric you have left over from previous makes will be perfect. The smallest size we can use is 1” square. Fabric does not need to be pre cut for this workshop however I would recommend ironing your scraps before the class. Please sort a handful of your scrap bin treasures into 4 piles of:-

  • Smallest (Minimum 1” square)

  • Medium

  • Large and

  • Long Thin Strips (Minimum ¾ “ wide)


It does not matter what shape they are, just roughly sort by size!


Equipment requirements relevant to this Online Interactive Workshop:-

  • Sewing Machine

  • Sewing Thread in a neutral shade (a mid grey is perfect)

  • Small Scissors or Thread Snips

  • Large Scissors

  • Rotary Cutter

  • 12 ½ “ Acrylic Quilters Ruler, or similar.

  • Large Cutting Mat

  • Seam Roller (optional)


  • To stop the Till-Roll rolling off your sewing area

  • Bowl or small Box big enough to fit the till roll

  • Large Elastic Band

  • Pencil

Pattern requirements for this Online Interactive Workshop:-

No pattern is required for this class!

Tickets for this Online Demonstration (via the Zoom platform) will be limited and allocated on a first-come/first-served basis! 

The ticket price of £35.00 (approx $40.00) is based on ONE person attending this crafting class.

This CraftyMonkies online interactive workshop is being broadcast from the United Kingdom and the class time given is based on Greenwich Meantimee (GMT). We advise you check via Google Search (or similar) to see corresponding start-time in YOUR location!

Here's a great world time zone reference:-


Are you not able to attend this class due to living in a different time-zone? Are you otherwise engaged on the date of this workshop? Well, we have excellent news! This class is being recorded and a link will be sent to all classmates a few days after the class, so you can watch in your own time!

CraftyMonkies Kate Sandford Online Interactive Workshop: Scrap Roll-Up!
CraftyMonkies Kate Sandford Online Interactive Workshop: Scrap Roll-Up!
CraftyMonkies Kate Sandford Online Interactive Workshop: Scrap Roll-Up!

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