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Who Are These CraftyMonkies?

Hello and thank you for visiting CraftyMonkies! I'm Rachel Pierman the founding crafty monkey! If you’ve ever watched Create and Craft TV during the past 5 years, chances are you will have seen me, as I've presented countless shows! 


I hosted thousands of hours of live crafting television and outside events too. I met and worked with some incredibly talented guests and viewers and learned so much about the wonderful crafting community.


I’ll be honest with you, when I first started working for Create & Craft TV  I stood there watching the lovely talented guest next to me and thought: 'What is going on here'?


What is this ‘world of craft’ all about? Who are these people? Why are they doing this? Luckily I got the answers to these questions very quickly. I realised that whether or not people buy and sell their goods, or dip in and out of craft, want to learn new skills, try crafting to simply occupy their minds, or to meet likeminded souls, there was a fabulous community out there. I learnt so much about many different crafts and met so many magnificent people, both on and off the telly!


When my time at Create & Craft TV came to an end, CraftyMonkies was born! My intention? To bring the crafting world together and create a wonderful warm, inviting, engaging, crafting community. So if you’ve never picked up a paint brush, sewed, made jewellery, scrapbooked, quilted or touched a camera in your life, or you are a regular 'CraftyMonkie', then please, if you have a few moments, have a good look at & read through this website.

You might find something that inspires you, you might want to learn a new skill, or meet some new friends. You never know, one of our courses might just change your life for the better. Imagine that!

The television presenter & hugely successful entrepreneur, Oprah Winfrey,  once said:


“By considering what, exactly, you hope to accomplish by doing something before you do it, you can better guide events to the outcome you want.

When you do that, it comes back to you 10-fold, maybe 100-fold,

in ways you cannot even imagine..."

In short, it's all about ‘setting your intentions’.


This got us thinking. What are our intentions? What do we want to achieve from our workshops and courses? There are lots of courses out there: huge workshops, retreats, some offer you a spa, some offer you a day in a small room above a shop. Prices reflect what’s on offer. Sometimes they will live up to the price and your hopes & expectations - sometimes, sadly, they won't!

For us EXPERIENCE and PERSONALISATION are key. Our teaching is of the highest standard: we aim to provide you with some of the best experts in the business and the best course content. But what we most wanted to achieve was an incredible experience for you to take away and treasure forever.


CraftyMonkies is the place for a thriving, developing, sharing community of crafters. Our courses are fun! We want to hear laughter, and chat, and shrieks of joy when something is achieved! Remember our experts have all presented on live television, they have to keep an audience entertained whilst teaching them, and now you get to witness that in a personal setting. We want to provide you with a great opportunity to meet friends, so we give you lunch. We want you to relax, so we offer you lovely peaceful environments. We want you to have amazing value for money, but also we want you to learn and feel enriched!


In short, our courses are about YOU! We are here for YOU! So please, come join us and our thriving community, make friendships for life, or just for the day: laugh, love, live and learn.


We look forward to meeting & welcoming you along soon!...

Best wishes,

    Rachel x


Meet The Team







In 2014 Heather won the BBC's Sewing Bee and realised how much knowledge she had that she really wanted to share with people. She nobly chose to help less fortunate children with the GoSew Project, she writes articles for various sewing journals, teaches regular workshops, has designed a range of fabrics for the Craft Cotton Company and become a brand ambassador for Simplicity Patterns. She enjoys the more complicated side of sewing, from pattern drafting to couture techniques but equally enjoys helping total novices to get started. She believes everyone should have pride in their talent and dexterity, and end up with something that is far more precious than a shop bought article!





A crafter since she was a tiddler, Sarah gave up a career in IT in 2011 to pursue her crafty dreams. Since then, she has opened a popular UK based fabric shop & training centre, become a regular contributor to all the major UK quilting magazines and brought out a successful range of fabrics and her new book came out in the summer of 2019. She has also found the time to become a regular quilting demonstrator on both the UK & US Create & Craft shopping channels as a quilting guru, and on stage at the NEC in Birmingham (UK). Sarah’s approach to quilting is fun fun fun, you're sure to have a good time on one of her classes!



Paper Crafting


One of our fabulous teachers and Crafty Monkies is the incredibly talented and artistic Rosemary Merry. Rosemary has presented 1000s of hours of live television on Create & Craft TV and other crafting channels, demonstrating many different products from the world of paper crafting. Rosemary is able to conjure up magic from pieces of paper, and she has created this magic on hundreds of workshops and events and for major retailers.She has a real passion for scrapbooking and mini books, its incredible watching her work. With us she will be teaching and inspiring you!


Brush Lettering



One of our fabulous teachers and Crafty Monkies is the incredibly talented and versatile Lou Collins. Lou has presented 1000s of hours of live television on Create & Craft TV, demonstrating many different products from the world of paper crafting, including her own range of brush lettering tools! She is a paper crafter through and through and has also mastered the art of brush lettering, in fact, she is so good, she is now the Commissioning Editor for a Lettering Magazine, Simply Lettering! She has been crafting since being very little and has built a career around teaching and inspiring others, come along and let her inspire you!





We could not run Crafty Monkies WITHOUT the Queen of quilting Jennie Rayment!! Unique in her field, she's internationally known for her quick, simple, innovative and original techniques. Jennie teaches a wide variety of classes for all levels and abilities of sewers from patchworkers, quilters and embroiderers to fashion, soft furnishing and home décor enthusiasts. You'll be captivated by her deviously ingenious textural designs and benefit from the wealth of creative ideas arising from her magic manipulations.

Nine books, work exhibited in various galleries around the world and presenting on Create and Craft TV keeps her busy and we can’t wait to bring you retreats and day workshops with this very clever, talented and lovely lady!




Jacqui's mother taught her how to sew and her father how to do everything from wallpapering, tiling and painting! So with her fashion background and love of colour, textiles, trimmings and trends, it wasn’t long before she was drawn to interior design and interior craft. She's presented and produced so much television including Discoverys Home series Room 2 B You, Viacom’s US Channel BET, UKTV’S LoveHome, showing viewers how to make everything from clever storage, to sofa covers and is about to appear in a new BBC series! As well as being ultra talented on screen, she loves to teach! Come along to one her upcycling courses; you’ll never forget it, and you’ll learn a ton along the way!





Tracey is the founder of Eastbourne’s much-loved crafting and quilting shop The Owl and Sewing Cat, established in 2010. As well as running an incredibly successful business, offering sewers achievable, yet fun, stylish and practical items to make, Tracey has also presented hundreds of hours of live television on Create and Craft TV and run many workshops across the country. Tracey has a passion for sewing, and is continuing her mission to get as many people involved with this wonderful hobby as she can through our Crafty Monkie courses! A calming influence and presence, Tracey can teach you so much!






Loti has been crafting since she was a little girl after years of rushing home from school to watch Art Attack. When she was on maternity leave, she decided to start blogging on her own blog ‘Mama Makes and Bakes’ about any projects she had created and sharing any recipe’s she had baked in the kitchen. The blog grew and eventually she evolved the blog into her own craft brand ‘Mama Makes’ putting her love for design to good use and start designing clear polymer stamps. Now a very popular stamp brand, featuring in craft magazines, appearing on Hochanda TV and various other retail store across the world. Loti loves to spread the word and joy or crafting! Teaching is one of her all time passions. She loves to see the delight on peoples faces when they achieve the unthinkable. Come along and see for yourself!