Who Are These CraftyMonkies?

Hello and thank you for visiting CraftyMonkies! I'm Rachel Pierman the founding 'Crafty Monkie'! If you’ve ever watched Create and Craft TV or Hochanda during the past few years, chances are you will have seen me, as I've presented countless shows, most latterly for the wonderful folk at Hochanda! Before entering the world of craft I was a presenter on a host of programmes on mainstream TV, notably BBC, Channel Four, Channel 5 and ITV2.


I've hosted thousands of hours of live television and outside events too. I've met and worked with some incredibly talented guests and viewers and learned so much about the wonderful crafting community in recent years.


I’ll be honest with you, when I first started working in the world of crafting television I stood there watching the lovely talented guest next to me and thought: 'What exactly is going on here'?


What is this ‘world of craft’ all about? Who are these people? Why are they doing this? Luckily I got the answers to these questions very quickly. I realised that whether or not people buy and sell their goods, or dip in and out of craft, want to learn new skills, try crafting to simply occupy their minds, or to meet likeminded souls, there was a fabulous community out there. I learnt so much about many different crafts and met so many magnificent people, both on and off the telly!


Between working Create & Craft TV and joining HochandaCraftyMonkies was born! My intention? To bring the crafting world together and create a wonderful warm, inviting, engaging, crafting community. So if you’ve never picked up a paint brush, sewed, made jewellery, scrapbooked, quilted or touched a camera in your life, or you are a regular 'CraftyMonkie', then please, if you have a few moments, have a good look at & read through this website.

You might find something that inspires you, you might want to learn a new skill, or meet some new friends. You never know, one of our courses might just change your life for the better. Imagine that!

The television presenter & hugely successful entrepreneur, Oprah Winfrey,  once said:


“By considering what, exactly, you hope to accomplish by doing something before you do it, you can better guide events to the outcome you want.

When you do that, it comes back to you 10-fold, maybe 100-fold,

in ways you cannot even imagine..."

In short, it's all about ‘setting your intentions’.


This got us thinking. What are our intentions? What do we want to achieve from our workshops and courses? There are lots of courses out there: huge workshops, retreats, some offer you a spa, some offer you a day in a small room above a shop. Prices reflect what’s on offer. Sometimes they will live up to the price and your hopes & expectations - sometimes, sadly, they won't!

For us EXPERIENCE and PERSONALISATION are key. Our teaching is of the highest standard: we aim to provide you with some of the best experts in the business and the best course content. But what we most wanted to achieve was an incredible experience for you to take away and treasure forever.


CraftyMonkies is the place for a thriving, developing, sharing community of crafters. Our courses are fun! We want to hear laughter, and chat, and shrieks of joy when something is achieved! Remember our experts have all presented on live television, they have to keep an audience entertained whilst teaching them, and now you get to witness that in a personal setting. We want to provide you with a great opportunity to meet friends, so we give you lunch. We want you to relax, so we offer you lovely peaceful environments. We want you to have amazing value for money, but also we want you to learn and feel enriched!


In short, our courses are about YOU! We are here for YOU! So please, come join us and our thriving community, make friendships for life, or just for the day: laugh, love, live and learn!


We look forward to meeting & welcoming you along soon!...

Best wishes,

    Rachel x

PS On another front, on Friday 5th June 2020 we also launched the exciting new CraftyMonkies Take 3 Private Member Club which people can sign up to via a Monthly (£9.99) or Annual (£99.90, meaning TWO months FREE!) subscription. Among other things, the Take 3 Private Member Club will feature regular Video Tutorials teaching Techniques & Projects, Bonus Content relevant to the main Techniques & Projects, Competition Giveaways, Monkie Chats with a wide range of talented crafters, a private-access Facebook Group and Q&A sessions with our carefully-selected and highly respected tutors! Be sure to check it out!...


Below Are Details Of All Our Upcoming 

Online Interactive Workshops

in JULY & AUGUST 2020

And We've Got Lots More Courses Coming In September!...