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Welcome to our
asterclass Video Series!

No monthly or annual subscriptions -
just a one-off payment which gives you 12 months access to any single project in the 
Masterclass Video Series!

Our exciting & all-new
Video Series

Your opportunity to take a 'deep-dive' into a chosen subject via exceptional videos, presented by fantastic artists & tutors in their field!

CraftyMonkies Masterclass Video Series

In this exciting NEW section of our website
you'll find unique, beautifully filmed content that you simply can't get anywhere else!


 As part of our VIP Member Club in 2021 & 2022, we offered our students a 'deep dive' into a different subject every month of the year with a different tutor. It seemed such a shame to let the content go unseen by a much wider audience as it was so well received by our members, so we've carefully selected a few of the 'deep dives' and priced them individually to offer them to you as a SINGLE Masterclass Video Series.  


In the Masterclass Video Series of your choice we give you several hours of well thought out content presented by artists and teachers who've worked in their area of expertise for many years and now bring all of their valuable experience to you dear CraftyMonkies! The videos feature overhead cameras as well as front-on cameras so you get the best view in the house!


Here's how the Masterclass Video Series works:-

  • You simply choose a subject you're interested in, for example: Beginners Guide to Quilting

  • Watch the Intro video - it will give you a thorough idea of what is being taught.

  • You make a one-off payment for that particular collection of episodes you've selected from the Masterclass Video Series by selecting the 'buy now' button and scrolling through the pricing plan page to find your masterclass choice.

  • You then have access to the Masterclass Member Area for your chosen selection for 12 months from the date of your purchase! To access this area simply go to your login area at the top of the home page, click the menu after logging in, you will see masterclasses listed. You will have access to the one you have paid for. You watch your videos here in this area whenever you want! Simple!

  • Watch the chapters of your chosen Masterclass episodes as often as you like and whenever you want 

  • Learn at your own pace

We'll be refreshing & updating the Masterclass Video Series content on a regular basis so please keep an eye on this page whenever you visit our website!...

Our current collection of projects in the Masterclass Video Series!

Beginners Guide to Quilting: Step by Step!


Join Jennie Pickett of Clover & Violet as she makes this wonderful Baby Medallion Quilt from start to finish and in the process teaches you where to begin and how to finish! Over 23 fabulous Chapters spread across approx 5 hours of filmed content you'll learn everything you need to know about how to quilt. This really is a superb Beginners Guide to Quilting. So much to learn:-

  • What tools you need to begin with

  • Cutting

  • Fabric choices

  • Make many different blocks and learn each in depth,

  • Stitch them together

  • Discuss finishing! ​

This really is a fabulous opportunity to learn in great detail how to quilt from one of the best quilters around in great depth.​

Buy these episodes from the CraftyMonkies Masterclass Video Series!

Beginners Guide to Quilt As You Go!


In this masterclass Janet Clare will teach you how to create designs and QAYG with them to produce one coherent piece. It's such a versatile and simple technique that simplifies the process of making a large quilt. Here are the stages she will teach:-

  • Patchwork Tops

  • Wadding

  • Backing Fabrics

  • Putting it all together

  • The design process

  • Quilting

  • Piecing your blocks together

Janet is such a fabulous teacher, she always goes into so much depth and at the end of this masterclass, you will have learned this fabulous technique which will make your quilting life so much easier.

Buy these episodes from the CraftyMonkies Masterclass Video Series!

Beginners Guide to FMQ with one of the best: Trudi Wood!

(Trudi quilts all of Nicholas Ball's quilts and many more!)


Let Trudi Wood take you through the steps you will need to have more confidence when it comes to FMQ in the future. Trudi is such a thorough teacher and inspires you to give it a go; she shares her huge knowledge with you in this fabulous course:-  

  • Basics of Threads

  • Basics of Needles

  • Basics of Machines

  • Basics of Wadding

  • Basics of Layering up.

  • Techniques before you start to quilt

  • Designs - How do you create them?

  • How to practice your designs

  • Extending your designs

  • Take it to the next level

Buy these episodes from the CraftyMonkies Masterclass Video Series!

Inside the Design Process: Create & Design Your Own Textile Art with MODA designer, quilter and author, Janet Clare!


This Janet Clare Masterclass is totally unique; you take a journey through the design process and in the end learn how to create and MAKE your own piece of textile art. AMAZING! Here's the outline of your course:-  

  • How to find inspiration

  • How you move Inspiration forwards

  • Mood boards, Colour stories, sketchbooks

  • Gathering Fabrics

  • Making your fabrics!

  • Bleaching, Rusting, Hapa Zome, Tea,

  • Iamge Maker

  • Templates

  • Piecing your background together

  • Transferring transfers

  • Embroidery

  • Stitch and tear, fusible applique

  • Hand Quilting

  • Composition

Wow! Where else can you get this kind of course from an established MODA designer? You can't! Rent it now for 12 months and ENJOY the process!...

Buy these episodes from the CraftyMonkies Masterclass Video Series!

Create & Design Your Own Messenger Bag using re-purposed materials with Judith Hollies!


This Masterclass is such fun, not only will you make a GREAT Messenger Bag, but you will learn so many skills and more about using sustainable fabrics along the way. Judith Hollies has designed this bag just for us and now you get to make it using some old jeans!! Here's the outline of your course:-  

  • How to find your textiles

  • What are the best textiles to use

  • Learning to cut out

  • Quilting the exterior patterns

  • Making the sleeves

  • Making the straps

  • Assembling the whole bag together


...and a whole lot more!

Buy these episodes from the CraftyMonkies Masterclass Video Series!

A Beginners Guide to Creating Traditional Quilt Blocks based on Victorian Tiles with Sarah Payne!


This was such a well received collection of films, inspirational and educational tips. Such a useful skill to have too!

  • Where do your source your ideas?

  • How do you start using your inspiration and turn it into a block?

  • How do you draft a quilt block from the design?

  • Re-sizing the blocks

  • Colouring

  • Choosing fabrics

  • Sewing/Seam allowances

  • Add borders

This really is a fabulous opportunity to learn in great detail how to create your own designs!

Buy these episodes from the CraftyMonkies Masterclass Video Series!

A Beginners Guide to Dyeing Your Own Fabrics with Homemade Solutions with Gary Mills!

Our members absolutely loved this series, not only did the wonderful Gary Mills teach you how to make your own fabrics but also how to make a wonderful book cover at the end!

  • What equipment do you need?

  • Food ingredients

  • The best fabrics to work with

  • Fabric identification and testing

  • Tumeric, onions, tea bags, red cabbage, berries.

  • Fixing the colour

  • Samples and taking notes

  • Making the book


A brilliant way to create your own colours and fabrics and make a wonderful project to remind you of all you have learnt...

Buy these episodes from the CraftyMonkies Masterclass Video Series!

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