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For all those unable to join our Online Interactive Workshops on the date/time of release, we have some wonderful news - you can now PURCHASE & DOWNLOAD edited videos of a select number of our Online Workshops in this NEW section of the website! This means no more missed classes for those unable to attend our live CraftyMonkies broadcasts and it enables everyone to watch the content as many times as they like from the comfort of their own home/studio and at any time they choose!

The price for each video download is £20.00 (GBP). If you have already attended the Online Interactive Workshop in question, simply contact us via email at hello@craftymonkies.com and we will arrange a special discount for you.

To complement all courses featured on the videos, we provide downloadable PDFs which detail the Materials, Measurements & Equipment needed for each course. Most Patterns for each project are also available as FREE downloadable PDFs from our Online Shop; simply add the code PDFfree during checkout. For some classes the pattern will be available directly through the tutors online shop and you will find a link in the description boxes below.


We hope you enjoy browsing through our current collection and please remember that we'll be uploading more videos on a monthly basis!:-

IMPORTANT: When downloading a video, please note that the duration of time taken for the download will depend on your bandwidth speed. Regrettably, based on consumer feedback we've had, it would appear that some models of the Apple iPads do not appear to support our video content: that said, they do playback perfectly well on the vast majority of PCs, iMacs, laptops and mobile devices.

Edited Video Highlights
from our
Online Interactive Workshop on
Saturday 11 July 2020:- 
Svetlana Sotak
Norfolk Pouch
Price to view, download & keep: