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Online Interactive Workshops

Click on each Workshop box (below) for full details about all Sewing Quilting Online Interactive Zoom Classes & Talks confirmed so far in 2023 + 2024!

PS: We'll be adding more dates just as soon as we have all tutor availability

& class content confirmed!

CraftyMonkies Trudi Wood Online Interactive Workshop: FMQ by Grids!
CraftyMonkies Zack Mclaughlin Online Interactive Workshop: Wire Bird Sculpture!
CraftyMonkies Caroline Oneto Online Interactive Workshop: Organic Shapes!
CraftyMonkies Victoria van der Laan Online Interactive Workshop: Quilted Stocking!
CraftyMonkies Gary Mills Online Interactive Easy-Art Classes: Book for ALL THREE!
CraftyMonkies Gary Mills Online Interactive Easy-Art Class: Garland of Flowers!
CraftyMonkies Rachel Richardson Online Interactive Easy-Art Class: Let Go and Push Through!
CraftyMonkies Nicholas Ball Online Interactive Workshop: Foliage Quilt!
CraftyMonkies Gary Mills Online Interactive Easy-Art Class: Sketchbook of Poppies!
CraftyMonkies Gary Mills Online Interactive Workshop: Woolly Cow Appliqué!
CraftyMonkies Gary Mills Online Interactive Easy-Art Class: Funky Portraits!

Fancy working with Nicholas Ball
Then join the All-New VIP Member Club today!

Starting on 01 June 2023 (don't worry if you find out about this exciting new venture after this date, you can still see all the filmed content and the inclusive live Zoom classes) we’re super-excited to announce that improv-guru, Mr Nicholas Ball (aka @quiltsfromtheattic on Instagram) will be our featured Guest Tutor for the WHOLE YEAR in the All New VIP Member Club!


That's right, Nicholas will be delivering a year-long exploration (via recorded content and live interactive Zoom engagements just for VIP Members) of his quilt-making process, from beginning to end.You simply won't find this content in any of his sew-alongs, books or Instagram feed.


It's a totally unique opportunity to get creative, be inspired and learn from an incredible artist!

CraftyMonkies VIP Member Club - Exclusive Video Content!
CraftyMonkies 2024 Midweek Crafting Retreat in Lancaster, PA, USA!
CraftyMonkies 2024 Weekend Craft Retreat September 2024 at Rutland Hall Hotel!
CraftyMonkies On-Demand Videos of Past Online Interactive Workshops

If, due to living in a different time-zone or because you’re otherwise engaged,

you are unable to attend any of our upcoming Online Interactive Workshops...

Watch again via On-Demand!

Please note: Not all workshops/classes will appear as edited videos due to Licensing Restrictions imposed (wholly acceptably, we hasten to add) by some of our tutors; that said, the vast majority will be available!

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