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Your Loyalty Gateway to
Regular Crafting Rewards
Via Our All-New

Every month an On-Demand Video for just £5.00/$7.00:

Save £££s by joining the brand new CraftyMonkies Loyalty Club!

Discounts this month from:
Pattern Trace plus 10% off everything here at CraftyMonkies!
(excludes our retreat)

This months prize for a lucky winner!
A Free previously recorded Zoom class with us to be taken in the next 6 months!


All for just £5 as a member of our exciting CraftyMonkies Loyalty Club!

Since the launch of CraftyMonkies in 2019, we've established a very loyal band of dedicated followers. Thank you so much, we appreciate each & every one of you! For a long time we've wanted to offer some kind of reward in return for your loyalty. We pondered the question: 'What would be the best way to reward these wonderful folks?'


Answer: REGULAR DISCOUNTS and something for FREE every single month!

It's a very simple concept: Loyalty Club members pay just £5.00 each month (or the equivalent in your currency, subject to where you engage with us anywhere in the world, via our wholly secure tried & tested worldwide banking system) and in return, via our private-access Loyalty Club page, we provide you with:-

Instant Access to a FREE previously recorded Online Interactive Workshop to watch from our back-catalogue! We simply select a video each month (from our extensive and growing archive (classes currently priced between £15-£25 a month, yours for free with this membership!) and upload it to the CraftyMonkies Loyalty Club area for you to watch & enjoy as many times as you like in that month! Yes! Thats a recorded online class for just £5! 


10% Discount Code to use on every live, Online Interactive Workshop you want to attend

10% discount code on every shop purchase you make ie Patterns, On-Demand Recordings of past classes, Gift Vouchers, Photos-Sets, etc (and, best of all, there is no limit as to how many times you can use your Discount Code in any one month)!...

Regular Discounts from leading craft suppliers such as Patterntrace and Aurifil and many others we have lined up



A chance to win crafting goodies each and every month!

To gain access to the CraftyMonkies Loyalty Club simply click on any of the text/image/button links that appear on this page and you'll be taken to the next step, which enables you to subscribe!


You pay just £5.00 each month and your gateway to amazing offers is open!

Save £££s by joining the brand new CraftyMonkies Loyalty Club!


If you choose to join us on a regular basis, we're confident you'll choose to stay but, if you decide this exciting Loyalty Club just isn't for you, you can cancel your Monthly Membership at any time with your bank, or you can email us at simples!

Cancellation Policy & Copyright Notice


IMPORTANT - Cancellation Policy

Of course, we very much hope you're going to love all the content we supply and want to be part of the CraftyMonkies Loyalty Club for a very long time, but please remember that you can cancel your Membership at any time by simply emailing us at All we ask is that you give us at least 72 hours notice prior to the last day of each month to enable us to cancel your monthly subscription. Of course, you can cancel automatic renewals yourself by contacting your bank directly and instructing them to stop future Direct Debit payments.

IMPORTANT - © Website Content Copyright

All text, photographic, video and pattern content appearing throughout the CraftyMonkies website or Loyalty Club is the property of CraftyMonkies Ltd and their associated contributors and, as such, it is protected by UK copyright law. No part of the photographic, video, text and pattern content uploaded to this  website may be shared, used, sold or reproduced in any way by any individual or third party in any way without the express prior written permission of CraftyMonkies Ltd.

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