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With CraftyMonkies, you get incredible Online Interactive Craft Workshops via the Zoom platform, featuring some of the best crafting experts in their field - many of whom you'll recognise from top craft TV channels!

Added to that, we also run the most FABULOUS Weekend Crafting Retreats in some of the most luxurious hotels - be sure to find out more about our 2023 Weekend Crafting Retreat at the Rutland Hall Hotel, near Oakham in the beautiful county of Rutland!...

CraftyMonkies 2023 Weekend Crafting Retreat Rutland Hall Hotel

Since we launched our Online Interactive Workshops in June 2020 they've proved to be hugely popular, with top craft experts such as Nicholas Ball, Melissa AverinosJanet Clare, Svetlana SotakJennie Pickett from Clover & Violet, Ingrid Alteneder, Gary Mills, Judith Hollies, Chris English, Lucy Brennan and Sarah Payne - to name just a few! - having all featured recently as part of our fabulous team of top craft experts!

Here's what some of our many satisfied customers say!:-

“Your Zoom class format is absolutely wonderful! I live in a small mountain town and it is difficult for me to be able to access in-person classes. Thank you for your work that makes these Zoom classes possible”


"Thank you so much for a wonderful morning! Being with you, Svetlana and the 'global sewing crew' filled my cup up today!"


"Last night's class was FANTASTIC! Thanks for such great workshops!"


"Thanks for such a wonderful variety of classes. Learning so much!"


"I’m in, I'm excited and absolutely loving this!!!..."


"I can’t tell you how much I enjoy the VIP Member Club as well as the classes. Covid has changed the world so much, but having CraftyMonkies around to keep me busy has been wonderful."

If you loooooove crafting, then you'll simply adore our
CraftyMonkies VIP Member Club!

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