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With CraftyMonkies, you get incredible Online Interactive Craft Workshops via the Zoom platform, featuring some of the best crafting experts in their field - many of whom you'll recognise from top craft TV channels!
And, when it's wholly safe to do so, we'll once again be offering Weekend Crafting Retreats in a selection of wonderful venues across the UK - and, we hope, Europe!...

Since we launched our Online Interactive Workshops in June 2020 they've proved to be hugely popular, with top craft experts such as Nicholas Ball, Melissa AverinosJanet Clare, Svetlana SotakJennie Pickett from Clover & Violet, Ingrid Alteneder, Gary Mills, Judith Hollies, Chris English, Lucy Brennan and Sarah Payne - to name just a few! - having all featured recently as part of our fabulous team of top craft experts!

Here's what some of our many satisfied customers say!:-

“Your Zoom class format is absolutely wonderful! I live in a small mountain town and it is difficult for me to be able to access in-person classes. Thank you for your work that makes these Zoom classes possible”


"Thank you so much for a wonderful morning! Being with you, Svetlana and the 'global sewing crew' filled my cup up today!"


"Last night's class was FANTASTIC! Thanks for such great workshops!"


"Thanks for such a wonderful variety of classes. Learning so much!"


"I’m in, I'm excited and absolutely loving this!!!..."


"I can’t tell you how much I enjoy the VIP Member Club as well as the classes. Covid has changed the world so much, but having CraftyMonkies around to keep me busy has been wonderful."

CraftyMonkies VIP Member Club - Exclusive Video Content!

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Our VIP Member Club launched in June 2021; the perfect place to access exclusive & fully downloadable video content of projects & techniques from a range of world-leading craft tutors! Check out all we have to offer you in this exciting NEW club via the taster videos (see above & below) or hit the Join Today button to find out all we have coming your way month after month, year on year for just £14.99pcm with our Monthly Membership or pay £149.99 to access our Annual Membership - which gives you TWO months absolutely FREE!!!

CraftyMonkies VIP Member Club - Exclusive Video Content!

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CraftyMonkies Online Interactive Workshop?
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Click on each Info-Graphic below for more details about confirmed 

Online Interactive Workshops so far in

OCTOBER and NOVEMBER 2021 plus

initial classes in JANUARY and FEBRUARY 2022!

PS: We'll be adding more dates for November & December 2021 and January & February 2022 just as soon as we have all class content & tutor availability confirmed!

CraftyMonkies Jennie Pickett Online Interactive Workshop Ada Drawstring Bucket!
CraftyMonkies Melissa Averinos Online Interactive Workshop Making Cat Faces!
CraftyMonkies Nicholas Ball Online Interactive Workshop Improv Triangles Sewalong
CraftyMonkies Sarah Payne Online Interactive Workshop Scrappy Dresden Block
CraftyMonkies Chris English Online Interactive Workshop Improv Sampler Quilt
CraftyMonkies Melissa Averinos Online Interactive Workshop Making Cat Faces!
CraftyMonkies Ingrid Alteneder Online Interactive Workshop FPP: Rooster!
CraftyMonkies Gary Mills Online Interactive Workshops Stretch Jersey Lounge Pants!
CraftyMonkies Zak Foster Online Interactive Workshop Talisman Tiny Quilt
CraftyMonkies Jennie Pickett from Clover and Violet Online Interactive Workshop Julia Wallet
CraftyMonkies Sarah Payne Online Interactive Workshop Dot-To-Dot Machine Quilting!
CraftyMonkies Nicholas Ball Online Interactive Workshop Improv Stacks & Drunken Tiles!
CraftyMonkies Gary Mills Online Interactive Workshop Chipolata Draft Excluder!
CraftyMonkies Sarah Payne Online Interactive Workshop Zippy Fun!
CraftyMonkies Lucy Brennan Online Interactive Workshop Stitch and Style Embroidery
CraftyMonkies Janet Clare Online Interactive Workshop Memory Quilt!
CraftyMonkies Svetlana Sotak Online Interactive Workshop Juniper Basket!
CraftyMonkies Sarah Ashford Online Interactive Workshop Walking Foot Basics

Don't miss Gary Mills' second Creative Sketchbook series of classes in
Each workshop is 90-minutes long and costs just £15.00 - book our Triple-Whammy Ticket, attend the remaining two classes, receive a recording of the first class in September and save £5.00!

CraftyMonkies Gary Mills Online Interactive Workshop Stitches In Paper!
CraftyMonkies Gary Mills Online Interactive Workshop Triple-Whammy Ticket!
CraftyMonkies Gary Mills Online Interactive Workshop Secret Pockets & Pull-Outs!

Ordering MATERIALS/EQUIPMENT Online For Any Class/Workshop!

In light of the ongoing situation regards potential delays with supply of certain materials/fabrics/equipment from around the world due to the lasting impact of Covid-19, please ensure you book your place & order any materials/fabrics/equipment online in plenty of time ahead of course dates.

IMPORTANT: Class Times!

All CraftyMonkies Online Interactive Workshops are broadcast from the United Kingdom and the class time given is based on British Summer Time (BST); this will change to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) from 02.00am on Sunday 31 October 2021. 

We advise you check via Google Search (or similar) to see corresponding start-time in YOUR location!


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You can join us any time of day or night to enjoy the expanding plethora of wonderful content we have on our YouTube channel - from Blocks, Projects and Top-Tips videos, to Ask An Expert and Live-At-Five chats with some of the world's leading craft experts!

There's a whole world of additional - and FREE - content waiting for you;
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As a taster to our Online Interactive Workshops, take a peek at the FREE video recording of Gary Mills' All-Zipped-Up Corsage workshop from January 2021 (simply click on the laptop graphic below for the free video to open on YouTube!) and then see the array of wonderful workshops we've got lined up in the coming days and weeks, listed below!:-

Free Video available to watch via CraftyMonkies YouTube Channel - Gary Mills, Zippy Corsage!

If you are unable to attend any of our upcoming Online Interactive Workshops due to living in a different time-zone

or because you’re otherwise engaged...


CraftyMonkies On-Demand Videos of Past Online Interactive Workshops

For all who are unable to attend our live classes, we recently launched our CraftyMonkies YouTube Channel which, as well as containing a host of 60-second Trailers of upcoming workshops & classes, is also where you will be able to view edited highlights of past Online Interactive Workshops via a dedicated private-access link!

CraftyMonkies Workshop Video Svetlana Sotak Ashford Handbag
CraftyMonkies Workshop Video Svetlana Sotak Malmo Pouch
CraftyMonkies_Workshop Video_Sarah Payne_French Beaded & Wired Daffodils!
CraftyMonkies_Workshop Video_Gary Mills_Mindful Stitch Cloth Journal!
CraftyMonkies_Workshop Video_Lucy Brennan_Big Stitch Hand Quilting!
CraftyMonkies Workshop Video Ingrid Alteneder FPP Elli The Elephant
CraftyMonkies Workshop Video Lucy Engels Modern Appliqué Techniques
CraftyMonkies Workshop Video Judith Hollies Stained Glass Effect Quilt Block!
CraftyMonkies_Workshop Video_Sarah Payne_Easy Drunkard's Path Block!
CraftyMonkies_Workshop Video_Gary Mills_Visible Mending!
CraftyMonkies Workshop Video Gary Mills Sardines In A Tin
CraftyMonkies Workshop Video Lucy Brennan Stitches & Thread!
CraftyMonkies_Workshop Video_Sarah Payne_Sashiko Stitching!
CraftyMonkies_Workshop Video_Gary Mills_Mr Fox Machine Appliqué!
CraftyMonkies_Workshop Video_Lucy Brennan_Stitchy-Pie Needle Case
CraftyMonkies Workshop Video Lucy Brennan More Walking-Foot Quilting
CraftyMonkies Workshop Video Sarah Payne Cathedral Windows
CraftyMonkies_Workshop Video_Lucy Engels_Triple Inset Circles Curved Piecing!
CraftyMonkies_Workshop Video_Ingrid Alteneder_FPP Sacred Heart with Wings!
CraftyMonkies_Workshop Video_Svetlana Sotak_Norfolk Pouch

Approximately 5 working days after each class has been broadcast via Zoom, we will be offering an edited version of the three/four-hour class for sale via our Online Shop. This edited version of the class is FREE of charge for all who have previously paid to join the ‘live' Online Interactive Workshop/Class and is charged at £25.00 to all who are unable to attend the live class. Each authorised workshop/class released on/after 01 March 2021 will be available to view as many times as you like for a period of 30 days, unless we have managed to negotiate an Extended Viewing Licence for a particular class. Each video release date, and it's subsequent viewing period, is marked clearly on the full information associated with each class, visible once you visit our Online Shop!

Please note: Not all workshops/classes will appear as edited videos due to Licensing Restrictions imposed (wholly acceptably, we hasten to add) by some of our tutors; that said, the vast majority will be available!

Below you'll find some 60-Second Teaser Videos

of upcoming/recently-completed CraftyMonkies workshops:-