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With CraftyMonkies, you get incredible Online Interactive Craft Workshops via the Zoom platform, featuring some of the best crafting experts in their field - many of whom you'll recognise from top craft TV channels!


And, when it's once again safe to do so, we'll be offering Weekend Crafting Retreats in a selection of wonderful venues across the UK & Europe!

Since we launched our Online Interactive Workshops in June 2020, they've proved to be hugely popular with top crafters such as Nicholas Ball, Janet Clare, Svetlana Sotak, Ingrid Alteneder, Gary Mills, Lucy Engels, Judith HolliesLucy Brennan and Sarah Payne (to name just a few!) all having featured recently as part of our fabulous team of top craft experts!

As a taster to our Online Interactive Workshops, take a peek at the FREE video recording of Gary Mills' All-Zipped-Up Corsage workshop from January 2021 (simply click on the graphic below for the free video to open on YouTube!) and then see the array of wonderful workshops we've got lined up in the coming days and weeks, listed below!:-

Free Video available to watch via CraftyMonkies YouTube Channel - Gary Mills, Zippy Corsage!

Click on each Info-Graphic below for more details about confirmed 

Online Interactive Workshops to date in

MARCH and APRIL 2021

PS: We'll be adding LOTS more dates for APRIL 2021 just as soon as we have all class content & tutor availability confirmed!

CraftyMonkies Gary Mills Online Interactive Workshop via Zoom Gentleman Hare Stuffed Figure!
CraftyMonkies Ingrid Alteneder Online Interactive Workshop via Zoom FPP: Cute Easter Bunny
CraftyMonkies Janet Clare Online Interactive Workshop via Zoom FPP Bullfinch Appliqué
CraftyMonkies Sarah Payne Online Interactive Workshop via Zoom Cathedral Windows
CraftyMonkies Judith Hollies Online Interactive Workshop via Zoom Curved Piecing
CraftyMonkies Lucy Engels Online Interactive Workshop via Zoom Modern Appliqué Techniques
CraftyMonkies Gary Mills Online Interactive Workshop via Zoom Sardines In A Tin!
CraftyMonkies Lucy Brennan Online Interactive Workshop via Zoom More Walking Foot Quilting!
CraftyMonkies Trudi Wood Online Interactive Workshop via Zoom Lavender Girl Notebook Cover!
CraftyMonkies Nicholas Ball Online Interactive Workshop via Zoom Improv Ring Technique
CraftyMonkies Judith Hollies Online Interactive Workshop via Zoom Weaving Fabric Strips

Ordering MATERIALS/EQUIPMENT Online For Any Class/Workshop!

In light of current situation regarding nationwide temporary lockdowns across the UK due to Covid-19, please ensure you book your place & order any materials/equipment online in plenty of time ahead of any course dates.

IMPORTANT: Class Times!

All CraftyMonkies Online Interactive Workshops are broadcast from the United Kingdom and the class time given is based on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) up to 1.00am on Sunday 28 March 2021 and British Summer Time (BST) thereafter. 

We advise you check via Google Search (or similar) to see corresponding start-time in YOUR location!


Below you'll find some 60-Second Teaser Videos

of upcoming/recently-completed CraftyMonkies workshops:-

If you are unable to attend any of our upcoming Online Interactive Workshops due to living in a different time-zone

or because you’re otherwise engaged...


For all who are unable to attend our live classes, we recently launched our CraftyMonkies YouTube Channel which, as well as containing a host of 60-second Trailers of upcoming workshops & classes, is also where you will be able to view edited highlights of past Online Interactive Workshops via a dedicated private-access link!

CraftyMonkies_Workshop Video_Lucy Engels_Triple Inset Circles Curved Piecing!
CraftyMonkies_Workshop Video_Svetlana Sotak_Malmo Pouch!
CraftyMonkies_Workshop Video_Judith Hollies_Denim Zippy Pouch!
CraftyMonkies_Workshop Video_Sarah payne_Crafty Patchwork Memory Heart
CraftyMonkies_Workshop Video_Gary Mills_Mindful Stitch Cloth Journal!
CraftyMonkies_Workshop Video_Gary Mills_Visible Mending!
CraftyMonkies_Workshop Video_Lucy Brennan_Stitchy-Pie Needle Case
CraftyMonkies_Workshop Video_Charlotte Newland_FPP
CraftyMonkies_Workshop Video_Gary Mills_Mr Fox Machine Appliqué!
CraftyMonkies_Workshop Video_Lucy Brennan_Big Stitch Hand Quilting!
CraftyMonkies_Workshop Video_Gary Mills_ Cute & Comfy Knickers!
CraftyMonkies_Workshop Video_Jennie Rayment_Tumbling Blocks
CraftyMonkies_Workshop Video_Sarah Payne_Easy Drunkard's Path Block!
CraftyMonkies_Workshop Video_Ingrid Alteneder_FPP Sacred Heart with Wings!
CraftyMonkies_Workshop Video_Janet Clare_Delectable Mountain Block
CraftyMonkies_Workshop Video_Svetlana Sotak_Norfolk Pouch

From 1st February 2021, approximately 5 working days after each class has been broadcast via Zoom, we will be offering an edited version of the three/four-hour class for sale via our Online Shop. This edited version of the class is FREE of charge for all who have previously paid to join the ‘live' Online Interactive Workshop/Class and is charged at £25.00 to all who are unable to attend the live class. Each video uploaded between 1-28 February 2021 will be available to view as many times as you like for a period of 90 days; each video uploaded after 1 March 2021 will be available to view as many times as you like for a period of 30 days.


Please note: Not all workshops/classes will appear as edited videos due to licensing restrictions

If you love crafting, then you'll simply adore the

CraftyMonkies Take 3 Private Member Club!

Our increasingly popular Take 3 Private Member Club launched in June 2020 - check out all we have on offer via the taster video below: with September's content added in recent days and access to all we've uploaded in June, July & August still available at the time of writing, it really is a wonderful compendium of craftastic goodies!


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