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With CraftyMonkies, you get incredible Online Interactive Craft Workshops via the Zoom platform, featuring some of the best crafting experts in their field from around the world!


Our fabulous & well-loved VIP Member Club featuring Nicholas Ball gives you incredible, unique video content each & every month which you just won't find anywhere else! Featuring live Zoom interactive sessions and enriched learning. Be sure you don't miss this incredible experience!

CraftyMonkies VIP Member Club - Exclusive Video Content!

For our Online Interactive Zoom Workshops, simply click on each box (below) for full details about all Sewing Quilting Classes & Talks confirmed so far in 2023 + 2024!

PS: We'll be adding more dates just as soon as we have all tutor availability
& class content confirmed!

CraftyMonkies Trudi Wood Online Interactive Workshop: FMQ by Grids!
CraftyMonkies Victoria van der Laan Online Interactive Workshop: Quilted Stocking!
CraftyMonkies Zack Mclaughlin Online Interactive Workshop: Wire Bird Sculpture!
CraftyMonkies Carolina Oneto Online Interactive Workshop: Organic Shapes!
CraftyMonkies Gary Mills Online Interactive Easy-Art Class: Garland of Flowers!
CraftyMonkies Rachel Richardson Online Interactive Easy-Art Class: Let Go and Push Through!
CraftyMonkies Nicholas Ball Online Interactive Workshop: Foliage Quilt!
CraftyMonkies Gary Mills Online Interactive Easy-Art Class: Sketchbook of Poppies!
CraftyMonkies Gary Mills Online Interactive Workshop: Woolly Cow Appliqué!
CraftyMonkies Gary Mills Online Interactive Easy-Art Class: Funky Portraits!
CraftyMonkies Gary Mills Online Interactive Easy-Art Classes: Book ALL THREE for just £60.00!
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Since we first launched Online Interactive Workshops in June 2020 they've proved to be hugely popular, with top craft experts such as Nicholas Ball, Victoria van der Laan, Sarah Hibbert, Melissa Averinos, Cindy GrisdelaJanet Clare, Andrea AlongeSvetlana SotakJennie PickettIngrid Alteneder, Gary Mills, Carolina Oneto, Chris English, Sarah PayneZach Mclaughlin - and many, many more! - having all featured recently as part of our fabulous team of top craft experts!

Here's what some of our many satisfied customers say:-

“Your Zoom class format is absolutely wonderful! I live in a small mountain town and it is difficult for me to be able to access in-person classes. Thank you for your work that makes these Zoom classes possible”


"Thank you so much for a wonderful morning! Being with you, Svetlana and the 'global sewing crew' filled my cup up today!"


"Last night's class was FANTASTIC! Thanks for such great workshops!"


"Thanks for such a wonderful variety of classes. Learning so much!"


"I’m in, I'm excited and I'm absolutely loving this!!!"


"I can’t tell you how much I enjoy the VIP Member Club as well as the classes. Covid changed the world so much, but having CraftyMonkies around to keep me busy, before and after, has been wonderful"

Its a box detailing our American retreat

In addition, we also run FABULOUS Weekend Crafting Retreats in the most luxurious hotels - this includes our first ever retreat outside the UK when the CraftyMonkies land in Pennsylvania, USA in June 2024!...

Click here to view our American Retreat page!
CraftyMonkies 2024 USA Midweek Craft Retreat on 11-13 June 2024!

Be sure to find out more about our 2024 UK Weekend Crafting Retreat at the fabulous Rutland Hall Hotel, near Oakham in the beautiful county of Rutland, UK!...

CraftyMonkies 2024 Weekend Crafting Retreat Rutland Hall Hotel
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If you're unable to attend any of our live upcoming Online Interactive Workshops due to living in a different time-zone

or because you’re otherwise engaged:-


Watch Recording of past Online Interactive Workshops via links bought in our Online Video Store!

Approximately 5 working days after each class has been broadcast via Zoom, you'll find the recorded class for sale via our Video Store & Online Shop. This recorded version of the class is FREE of charge for all who have previously bought a ticket to join the ‘live' Online Interactive Workshop/Class. If you wish to watch the class on demand via our online shop they are usually charged at £25.00 (shorter classes are £15). To all who buy from the shop each authorised workshop/class released will be available to view as many times as you like for a period of 30 days ordinarily, unless we have been able to negotiate an Extended Viewing Licence for a particular class. Each video release date, and it's subsequent viewing period, is marked clearly on the full information associated with each class, visible once you visit our Video Store & Online Shop!

Please note: Not all workshops/classes will appear as edited videos due to Licensing Restrictions imposed (wholly acceptably, we hasten to add) by some of our tutors; that said, the vast majority will be available!

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