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Firstly, thank you so much to improv-guru, Mr Nicholas Ball (aka @quiltsfromtheattic) for hosting our VIP Member Club for the past year. Nicholas's Butterfly Quilt project was a wonderful improv journey and our members were beyond excited as their butterflies 'took flight' in a unique learning experience!


The above video says it all, but if you don't have time to watch, here's a summary!


For our next yearly VIP Member Club content (running from 1st June 2024 through the end of May 2025), we are heading, 'Under The Sea', but this time, not with just one chosen artist at the helm, but SIX! Yes, we managed to pull together SIX wonderfully creative, inspiring, unique, in-demand quilters to deliver a year-long exploration (via recorded content and live interactive Zoom-Chats) of their quilt making processes, from beginning to end.


What is super-exciting and completely different to anything we've ever done before, is that the six artists involved, are all collaborating on one finished piece. How cool is that? As I write this, Victoria van der Laan and Sarah Hibbert have already completed their part of the quilt and Scott Culley is about to add his piecing. Russell Barratt, Jennie Pickett & Trudi Wood will already be keeping a keen eye on developments to date before they step into the fray with their own contributions later in this unique year-long project!


Through monthly video content in our private VIP Member Club members area and a live Zoom-Chat with each artist every other month, you will see our quilters open the quilt fresh from the postman's hands! They will give their opinion of how it looks for the very first time and they will then begin to explain their design process, how they are going to create the shapes to add to the previous quilters work, choose their fabrics, as well as use fabrics sent by the previous artist, make the piecing and attach it to the quilt. All this activity and then the part-assembled quilt is forwarded on to the next artist!... 


The aim is not only to teach you a myriad of techniques from collage to quilting, FPP to traditional piecing, improv shapes to using sustainable fabrics, this project is also a deep-dive into where to begin designing a quilt, how to put colour and shape together, where to take inspiration from, and perhaps, how to explore ideas, you wouldn't normally delve into. It's a totally unique opportunity to get creative, be inspired and learn from an incredible artist!


Scroll down to read the full course details!

Here's what each of our artists has to say has to say about this exciting new VIP Member Club year:-

Victoria van der Laan

I rarely make work with a known outcome so this VIP project is right up my alley! I'll bring you along as I work through some ideas on how to create an improv-pieced section of patchwork that evokes a seabed. I'll share several different piecing styles and techniques that I use in my textile sketching practice and will show you how I put everything together to create an abstract ocean floor that will serve as the bottom of the finished Under the Sea quilt. The thing I'm most excited about with this project is working with this amazing roster of artists to create a collaborative piece - we all bring such different perspectives and skills to the table!

Sarah Hibbert

"I am so excited to be part of this great collaboration working ‘under the sea’ with the fellow ‘scuba drivers’ that Rachel has cherry picked for you.  I will be tangling myself up with seaweed and so much more in my sessions, working from simple paper cut-outs and transferring them through to gorgeous fabric shapes. Why don’t you jump in with us and have some fun."

Scott Culley

"I want to demystify the FPP design process. I will show you how simple techniques can lead to large complex compositions. I will explain my process of designing from a selected image to creating a usable pattern. I will show you how to sew the same FPP pattern we just designed.  I hope people will see how easy the FPP process is and how wonderful the results can be."

Russell Barratt

“I’m going to show how to use improv techniques to machine sew curves taking inspiration from sea waves and the swirling ocean currents. We’ll work intuitively giving you ideas to create your own unique panels. Using hand sewn needle turn appliqué and trapunto, I’ll take you through adding some bubbles and possibly fish or two! I’ll be showing you how I select fabric from my fabric/clothing scrap stash and encouraging you use fabrics you may already have.”

Jennie Pickett

"I will be doing traditional piecing but with a twist with some wonky shapes, maybe I'll even throw in a curve or two! I will be talking about fabrics, how you can use scraps, prints and solids and how you can combine everything together. There will be some maths too! You might never have tried traditional piecing, this is your opportunity to learn about it, or if you have you can learn how to slant it towards improv quilting!"

Trudi Wood

"I'm going to bringing the whole thing together! I'll be looking at the whole piece and assessing how we design the quilting, looking at the detail and how to take inspiration from elsewhere to inspire the quilting to show the detail! I'll guiding you through a whole variety of quilting techniques and different designs. It will be fascinating to look at a piece of work made by five very different types of artists and then use quilting that will tie the whole thing together."


A few people have asked:-

Do I have to make the Under The Sea quilt?

Is there a pattern involved with this project?

Will I learn lots even if I don't make the Under The Sea quilt?


There is NO fixed pattern with this project and, NO, you don't have to make any of the quilt if you don't want to!


Our teachers want to teach you many different key elements of quilting and design inspiration, so we have decided to use a theme to illustrate these lessons. If you look at the 12 month schedule below you will see the sort of lessons you will experience. Our teachers will teach you and you can use whatever you learn on YOUR OWN CREATIVE JOURNEY - the choice is very much YOURS!

Button for Pricing Plans on CraftyMonkies VIP Member Club - Exclusive Downloadable Video Content!
CraftyMonkies VIP Member Club - Exclusive Video Content!
Detail pic promoting the NEW & EXCLUSIVE VIP Member Club content starting in June 2024
Detail pic promoting the NEW & EXCLUSIVE VIP Member Club content starting in June 2024
Detail pic promoting the NEW & EXCLUSIVE VIP Member Club content starting in June 2024

So How Does Each Month Work? 

What Format Does the Content Take?

The Zoom talk featured below is with some current and interested members and every artist working in the club for the next year . In the zoom I explain exactly how the club works, but I also interview each artist about what they are bringing to the club over the next year. It was a really informative, fun session and I hope you find it useful!

So How Does Each Month Work? 

What Format Does the Content Take?


Each of our VIP Member Club Guest Tutors for the 2024/25 project presents across a two month period. So for example, Victoria van der Laan takes centre-stage in June & July 2024, with Sarah Hibbert up next in August & September 2024. Scott Culley steps into the spotlight in October & November, with Russell Barratt following Scott in December 2024 & January 2025. Jennie Pickett then takes centre-stage for February & March 2025 with Trudi Wood rounding off the year in style in April & May 2025


Although each tutor's teaching style is different, the format is very much the same:-

Guest Tutor's FIRST Month of Content:- 

  • What will the teacher be doing? 

  • What are the learning objectives? 

  • What new skills will you learn? 

  • Tools and notions. Highlight what would be useful.

  • Discuss thread, blades, needles etc.

  • First impressions

  • Design inspiration

  • Design concepts

  • Choosing fabrics


Guest Tutor's SECOND Month of Content:-

  • Putting all the design elements and piecing together - the sewing parts!

  • A Live Zoom interaction takes place in the tutor's second month!

Month 1 + 2 - June & July 2024

Featuring Guest Tutor:

Victoria van der Laan!

Month 3 + 4 - August & September 2024

Featuring Guest Tutor:

Sarah Hibbert!

Month 5 + - October & November 2024

Featuring Guest Tutor:

Scott Culley!


Month 7 + 8 - December 2024 & January 2025

Featuring Guest Tutor:

Russell Barratt!

Month 9 + 10 - February & March 2025

Featuring Guest Tutor:

Jennie Pickett!

Month 11 + 12 - April & May 2025

Featuring Guest Tutor:

Trudi Wood!

Button for Pricing Plans on CraftyMonkies VIP Member Club - Exclusive Downloadable Video Content!
CraftyMonkies VIP Member Club - Exclusive Video Content!
Promo graphic for the NEW & EXCLUSIVE VIP Member Club content starting in June 2024

Some key questions you may have:-

How do I join? Can I pay in my own currency? 

It's really easy to join. Simply hit the 'Join Today' button below, this will take you through to the Membership page where you will see two options, Monthly Membership and Annual Membership. Choose your option. You will then be taken through to the payment options and yes, you can join from anywhere in the world via our secure payment system!

I'm a member already, what do I want to do to join?

Nothing! Your membership will simply roll over. If you signed up for the annual membership last year, it will renew on the same date you signed up ast year. If you are on a monthly membership, your monthly payments will continue to leave your account on the same day. You don't need to do anything! 

What's the difference between monthly and annual membership?

We wanted to give you the option to split the cost and pay monthly or pay in one go to suit your financial arrangements. However, if you choose the annual option you get TWO months content for FREE! That's £14.99 a month or £149.99 for the year (approx $19.00 a month or $185.00 a year)!

I only want to see a couple of the tutors. I like Sarah Hibbert and would like to watch her, can I do that?

Yes. You would need to sign up for the months in which Sarah, or the tutor of your choice is going to be teaching. Then you simply cancel your membership (which you can easily do yourself or you can email me) at the end of the teaching period. So in effect, if you only wanted to see Sarah Hibbert teaching you could start your membership on first of August and cancel it on the 30th September. You would see the content of your choice and you wouldn't have to pay for the other months.

Can I sign up now but start my membership in June?

Yes! When you sign up to our VIP club, it will ask you when you want your membership to start. It's a very easy thing to do, but it is important. If you don't put a date in, it will begin your membership immediately, that means you will have access to the last month or two of Nicholas Balls content (Im writing this in April). Your membership would then run out a year from when you sign up, so you would not see the end of the new year VIP content. You need to put your start date as the 1st of June! So hit the button now, to make sure you don't miss any of the content, but just make sure you sign up to start on the 1st of June!

I've only just heard about this club and it's after June 2024 - am I too late?

Nope! Great news, as a member of the VIP club you get to re-watch the content (from beginning to end) as many times as you want via our private YouTube area. Members have 15 months to watch all the content from the beginning of June 2023 onwards. If right now when you're looking it's July 2024 or beyond, then Simply click here and we'll contact you to arrange a payment for the content (months) you've missed. You can then watch and catch up!

How do I watch the content and join the Zoom classes?

Once you've joined the club, you'll be able to access the private members area on this website. This is where you'll find the months video content. At the end of the month that content will be removed and put onto our YouTube channel, you'll receive a direct link to that channel where you can then watch the content for as many times as you want until 31st August 2025Regarding the live Zoom classes, once again in the private members area you will see the link, time and date to the Zoom class that month. On the day of the Zoom class you simply click the link and the Zoom window will open for you. The zoom class will also be recorded and uploaded to YouTube where, once again, you'll be able to watch until the 31st of August 2025. Simple!


What will the 6 x Guest Tutors be teaching?

Please see the full 12 month listing above!

I have other questions!

No problem! Simply click here to email us your question and we'll get back to you.

Ready to get cracking? Let's do this together!

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To gain access to the CraftyMonkies VIP Member Club simply click on any of the text/image/button links that appear on this page - this will take you to the next step, which enables you to choose a Pricing Plan sign-up & pay your subscription online for the fabulous, one-of-a-kind CraftyMonkies VIP Member Club!


You can pay just £14.99 each Month or choose to pay £149.99 if you take advantage of our Annual Membership which gives you

TWO months of FREE content!

Button for Pricing Plans on CraftyMonkies VIP Member Club - Exclusive Downloadable Video Content!

VIP Member Club

Cancellation Policy & Copyright Notice


IMPORTANT - Cancellation Policy

Of course, we very much hope you're going to love all the content we supply and want to be part of the VIP Member Club for a very long time, but please remember that you can cancel a MONTHLY Membership at any time by simply emailing us at For Monthly subscribers all we ask is that you give us at least 48 hours notice to enable us to cancel your monthly subscription. By nature of the Annual Membership giving subscribers TWO months worth of content for FREE when they sign up, please note that we are NOT able to cancel Annual Membership subscriptions, once activated, during the twelve-month period. Should subscribers not wish to renew their Annual Membership subscription for the following year, all we ask is that you give us at least 5 working days notice via email to enable us to cancel your Annual Membership subscription. Of course, with regard to either the VIP Member Club Monthly or Annual Membership Plans you can cancel automatic renewals yourself by contacting your bank directly and instructing them to stop future Direct Debit payments.

IMPORTANT - © Website Content Copyright

All text, photographic, video and pattern content appearing throughout the CraftyMonkies website or VIP Member Club is the property of CraftyMonkies Ltd and their associated contributors and, as such, it is protected by UK copyright law. No part of the photographic, video, text and pattern content uploaded to this  website may be shared, used, sold or reproduced in any way by any individual or third party in any way without the express prior written permission of CraftyMonkies Ltd.

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