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Here is a super chance to be tutored and learn with textile artist and teacher Gary Mills. Through this easy to follow Pattern and illustrated Instructional Booklet with embedded video link, you can create Gary's fabulous Gentleman HareThis fun tutored project is for anyone wishing to learn, explore, and improve their sewing skills!



This easy-to-follow pattern has been designed by Gary Mills. The Gentleman Hare has a rather “portly figure”, dressed in his fine jodhpurs and smart waistcoat, he even has a very gentlemanly cravat tied about his neck to add to his ensemble. The easy-to-follow clear instructions will guide you through the processes from start to finish with clear instructional notes and images for you to download and follow. Once complete you will have to find a place for him to sit and view; maybe that is on your bed or on a seat by a window, he would even make for a fabulous gift for someone special.


Finished size of our Gentleman Hare is approx 24” (61cm) long.


Skill Level for this pattern:-

This pattern is suitable for someone at an intermediate level of sewing. Techniques covered in the construction of this pattern are, cutting out from a pattern, following step by step construction instructions, use of a sewing machine, (straight stitch used) filling with stuffing, and finishing details such as hand-sewing on the arms and adding details to the head and the waist coat.


Material/Fabric requirements for a pattern:-

  • For the body, ears, and arms, you need 50cm x 50cm (20” X 20”) of medium weight washed cotton or calico or similar fabric in a cream to a buff beige colour, suitable for a Hare. (Use a fabric with a relatively close tight weave, as loose weave fabrics will fray and come apart)
  • For interlining the ears, you need 15cm x 20cm (8” x 6”) medium weight iron on interlining such as Vilene.
  • Legs should be in either grey / beige brown linen or similar fabric. 50cm x 50cm (20” X 20”)
  • For the waist coat you need 50cm x 50cm (20” X 20”) of printed cotton Note: avoid using heavy wools and tweeds which become almost impossible to pull through.
  • For the cravat, a strip 6cm x 50cm (3” x 20”) of suitable bright coloured cotton or even silk type lining fabric.
  • Polyester toy stuffing you will need 300g (10 oz) or (the contents of about 1/3 of a pillow worth)
  • 3x small, coloured shirt buttons to match your waist coat.
  • 2x 2cm -2 ½ cm beige buttons to finish the attachment of the arms. 
  • For decoration 1x very tiny safety pin to decorate and secure cravat.
  • Matching coloured machine threads plus strong thread to stitch through articulated arms to secure. (Dental floss also works well) Dark embroidery thread for eyes and nose and some nylon fishing wire for whiskers. 


Equipment requirements for these patterns:-


Additional Information:-

  • Print off pattern (A4 to fit no boarders)
  • Seam allowance is ¼” or ½ cm which is already included on all pattern pieces.
  • Straight Stitch width size 2 – 2.5
  • Needle size 12


Copyright Terms & Conditions
It is NOT permissible to make a copy of this sewing pattern except for your own use. It is not permissible to share this pattern either in person, by post or by email. It is not permissible to sell this sewing pattern or a copy of it on to another person.


It IS permissible to sell an item that you have made from this pattern in small quantities. Please include the information that your items are made with a pattern from Gary Mills Designs. In online descriptions and on Instagram please tag me at @garymillsdesigns.


Share your creations on social media by tagging @garymillsdesigns/#garymillsdesigns and @craftymonkies/#craftymonkies.

Pattern: Gary Mills - Gentleman Hare

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