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Purchase this digital product and receive a link to the YouTube video of the CraftyMonkies Online Interactive Workshop featuring leading designer, tutor & improv-quilting craft expert Chris English and his fabulous Make A Quilted Postcard workshop which first aired via Zoom on Friday 28th January 22.


Once you have purchased this product, the PDF document you will receive contains a link to the private-access video on YouTube


Introduction by Chris:-

Who doesn’t love getting exciting mail in the post?! Surprise your friends by posting them a quilted postcard. Bust your scraps and make a series of quilted postcards that you can send to your 'quilty' friends across the world! We’ll learn a couple of different piecing techniques and quilting ideas before creating several beautiful postcards ready to send.


What You Will Learn in this Online Interactive Workshop:-

In this workshop we’ll explore a mix of improv piecing and cutting techniques. We’ll start by creating a traditional patchwork but then ‘hack’ into it to create visual interest and movement. Quilting wise we’ll explore some machine-quilting & hand-quilting techniques and I’ll share my approach to quilting; this is the class to try out all those different threads you have but have never been sure where to use them, this is that time! 


We’ll see how the two different techniques can work together and create beautiful quilty textures. We’ll then look at how we make the card, how to best prep it for its journey and also consider different shapes and size cards. Finally by combining all of these techniques we’ll produce a set of quilted postcards, that are ready for you to send and connect with fellow quilty folks around the world.


The class is designed to let you experiment and maybe take your first steps in improv in a super fun and informal environment. Also, this class is perfect if you want to try out some different quilting techniques on some smaller scale pieces. I’d love it if you could join us to learn how to create these cards and to make some new global quilt pals!


Skill Level for this Online Interactive Workshop:-

Beginner and/or anyone interested in making quilted postcards!


Material requirements for this Online Interactive Workshop:-


Quilting Thread of different weights


Watercolour Paper, approx 230gsm in weight, or similar.


Fabric requirements for this Online Interactive Workshop:-

Scraps all sizes

Strips of fabric - a Jelly Roll or similar would be perfect

Wadding - 2 pieces about 20” square each should do it


Equipment requirements for this Online Interactive Workshop:-


Sharp Scissors

Marking Tool

Cutting Mat

Rotary Cutter

Iron and Ironing-Board

Temporary Fabric Spray (eg Odif 505, available via Amazon)

Quilting Ruler

Quilting Needles


This class is available to view as many times as you like for 60 days FROM THE DATE OF YOUR PURCHASE


NOTE: Any short video featured in this promotional info is a Trailer and not the fully-edited version you'll gain access to via YouTube!


© Copyright CraftyMonkies Ltd. All rights reserved.

Video of Workshop: Chris English - Quilted Postcards

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