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Purchase this digital product and receive a link to the YouTube video of the CraftyMonkies Online Interactive Workshop featuring craft expert Gary Ray Smith and his fabulous Introduction to Fairisle Knitting workshop.

For so long, we've wanted to bring you a Knitting class, but it had to be the right one. The difficulty with knitting is if we made it too simple, that's not enough to fill a three-hour class, but if we made it too complex, then it's too difficult for the people who are just learning. The Instagram sensation Gary Ray Smith and us have come up with what we believe to be a great solution! If you can cast off and on, kit and purll you can join in! If you can't then watch the video we will send you before class and THEN join in!


Introduction by Gary Ray Smith:-

You may have seen me on my Instagram feed (@gary_ray_smith) with my wife, Jo, talking about our knitting adventures! I'm usually wearing a hat and jumping excitedly in front of the camera! But in all seriousness, I've been knitting for 50 years. I love it! I find it very calming practice, but also a great way to be creative with colour and pattern and once you get the techniques right, it's amazing where those techniques will take you, which is why I was very eager to share my knowledge with you and CraftyMonkies!


I design complex colourwork patterns using Fairisle and Intarsia techniques. If you're not sure what the terms mean I'll talk about them in the class but in the knitting world it's a huge bonus (it opens the world to you regarding knitting patterns) if you can knit in Fairisle . This workshop is designed to help participants to learn core Fairisle knitting skills and start the process of making a basic fairisle knitted garment.


What You Will Learn in this Online Interactive Workshop:-

During the workshop we'll begin to knit a fairisle scarf. (see the pictures!) The workshop will include instructional lessons and practical participation. Not only will I teach you, but I'll also be giving you some supporting video lessons so you can complete the project in their own time. If people felt the need for a follow up workshop we could discuss that in class. This workshop is designed to give you the basics of fairisle knitting including:-

  • Carrying two colours

  • Knitting in the round

  • Corrugated rib and steeking. 

It is not a project that can be completed in one workshop. The course is designed to give you the core skills and confidence to finish the project in your own time and at you own speed.


Skill Level for this Online Interactive Workshop:-


Participants will need to have basic knitting skills - casting on, knitting plain and purl stitches and casting off. Other skills will be taught during the workshop. In order for the workshop to get off to a flying start, you will be required to start the project ready to begin so you will have cast on and knitted a plain row of stitches. As mentioned, an introductory video will be emailed out to you prior to the workshop.


Material requirements for this Online Interactive Workshop:-

2 x Wee County Yarns Gradient kits (one pack for foreground, one pack for background) or 2 x 100grams of contrasting 4ply shetland yarn e.g. Jamiesons spindrift

3.5mm x 16" Chiaogoo Red Lace circular needles or similar

Pattern PDF (digital download) of Charlie Brown (included in PDF)


Equipment Information relevant to this Online Interactive Workshop:-

1.5mm Crochet Hook

Darning Needle

Sharp Scissors


Pattern Information relevant to this Online Interactive Workshop:-

Pattern PDF (digital download) of Charlie Brown ONE SIZE is included on p4 of the PDF

This class is available to view as many times as you like for 60 days



NOTE: Any short video featured in this promotional info is a Trailer and not the fully-edited version you'll gain access to via YouTube!


© Copyright CraftyMonkies Ltd. All rights reserved.


Video of Workshop: Gary Ray Smith - Intro to Fairisle Knitting!

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