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Purchase this digital product and receive a link to the YouTube video of the CraftyMonkies Online Interactive Workshop featuring leading designer, tutor & craft expert Heather Black and her superb Traditional Curved & Striped Piecing workshop, which first aired via Zoom on Saturday 4th June 2022. (We would just like to point out that in this class you will be learning how to make the 'Lot number one' pattern, ie you will NOT be making the quilt from beginning to end and following the pattern with Heather in this class, this is a techniques based class designed to give you help with the curved and striped piecing so that you can then go and make the pattern yourself in your own time having learned the techniques in this class.)


Once you have purchased this product, the PDF document you will receive contains a link to the private-access video on YouTube


Introduction by Heather:-

A little bit about myself, I'm a single (widowed) mother of a beautiful  little girl and sneak quilting in whenever possible.  I've always been  creative and I  began seriously quilting in the summer of 2011 and finished my first quilt in November 2011.  I loved it instantly.  I worked through the  piecing and sandwiching then began hand quilting.  I had no idea that you could use a sewing machine to quilt so I hand quilted my first  quilt, queen size.  That was the last time I hand quilted an entire quilt! I now finish almost all my quilts on my longarm. I'm a designer but I'm not a traditional quilter.  I love and respect the talent, time and creativity in traditional quilts but they would look really odd mixed into my home decor.  I'm a modern to contemporary quilter and designer with a love for bold geometric designs which I hope you will enjoy making with me! "Lot No. 1" (the quilt I have chosen to work with you on) is the first in my Auction House Series of quilt designs. It's hot off the press, so please come join me. I'm really looking forward to working with you!
What You Will Learn in this Online Interactive Workshop:-
We're going to spend so much time taking a really deep dive into how to successfully piece curves and stripes. Most importantly how to mix those curves and stripes for an extra measure of depth and movement. You'll be amazed how the two can really complement each other, we'll talk about geometric shapes and why they work. The workshop will also cover how to make curve templates form easy to find materials (saving you a fortune in supplies in the future!) and how to experiment with mixing different size curves to make abnormal abstract shapes. My aim is to teach you things you things you may never have heard of before. There is always something new to learn!
Skill Level for this Online Interactive Workshop:-
This class is geared for an advanced Beginner/Intermediatequilter/sewer. What do I mean by that? Makers will need to have the basic knowledge of how to use a rotary cutter, sewing machine and sew a consistant 1/4'' seam, so not really that advanced after all!
Fabric requirements for this Online Interactive Workshop:-
You can just use scrap fabrics and come and learn techniques, but if you want to make the quilt exactly as you see in the photograph these are the requirements:-
  • The pattern (to be purchased seperatley to the rental cost of this video - details below)
  • Off white: 3 yards
  • Black: 1 1/4 yards
  • Pink: 1 1/4 yards
  • Gold 5/8 Yard
  • Green (binding): 3/4 yard
  • Backing 4 yards
  • Batting - Twin size


Equipment requirements for this Online Interactive Workshop:-
  • Sewing-Machine
  • Cutting-Mat
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Thread cutter
  • Any other tools you use for quilting..... and a big smile!


Pattern Information relevant to this Online Interactive Workshop:-
Heather's pattern can be purchased directly from her website (a link is provided in the PDF) and the price at the time of writing is currently USD $12.00!


This class is available to view as many times as you like for 60 days FROM THE DATE OF YOUR PURCHASE


NOTE: Any short video featured in this promotional info is a Trailer and not the fully-edited version you'll gain access to via YouTube!


© Copyright CraftyMonkies Ltd. All rights reserved.

Video of Workshop: Heather Black - Trad Curved & Striped Piecing

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