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Online Interactive Workshop with
Sarah Hibbert

CraftyMonkies Sarah Hibbert Online Interactive Workshop: Leap Into Collage!


16.00-19.00 (BST)

Online Interactive Workshop



Sewing & Quilting:

Leap Into Collage!


Sarah Hibbert

Saturday 29 April 2023

4.00pm - 7.00pm (BST)

Online Interactive Workshop

Leap Into Collage!

After seeing the beautiful book ‘Collage to Quilt’ written by Sarah Hibbert we were absolutely determined to bring Sarah to the CraftyMonkies platform, her work is just too good! Luckily she was quite excited by the prospect of running a class for us and so our discussions began..."What to teach?" "How about a class that teaches people how to collage with a view to creating their own quilt designs?" We jumped at the chance and said yes! We think you will absolutely love this class, particularly as it uses break out rooms (the first for us here at CM!) So please read the below and then book a place with us!

Introduction by Sarah:

I owe huge thanks to Rod Stewart for my interest in collage! Why? Well, as a teenager I used to cover my walls with cutting and posters of Rod. Unfortunately, one term I came home from school with a bad report and my Father decided it was my interest in Rod that was hindering my school work and promptly tore down all my posters and banned me from putting anymore up. So I changed over to adding photos, tickets and odd pages from my Mother’s Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue to my walls. Needless to say Rod was still there in scrap books under my bed! So my love of collage, cutting and sticking began and I love nothing more that sharing my passion for collage with others and now with you dear CraftyMonkie! I must stress that although this is an art based class, it's still very much with the sewist in mind. Its what I do; collage and then quilt, I hope to inspire you in the same way...


What You Will Learn in this Online Interactive Workshop:-

I would like to share with you in this fun session the love of collage and how it can give you an idea into creating your own unique art work which can in turn turn into a quilt or wall hanging. It will open your mind to looking at magazines and those brochures that come through your door in a new light, don't throw anything away! Now if you're thinking, "oooh, collage, bits of paper, I'm not sure, thats very arty", wait...I'll be talking about colour balance, values and layering, all elements we use in quilting. Do you see where I'm going now?! We'll begin with a  brief 'lecture' (more like a presentation and time for you to ask questions) showing you the different aspects of collage and then Rachel and I will split the whole group into smaller groups, these are called  ‘breakout rooms’. In these rooms you can create your own designs. In the rooms you can get as chatty or not as you like...turn your own sound/camera on or off or make some new friends! I'll be bobbing into the rooms teaching you and helping you. I love working in this way, its so personal! Plus you get to chat as there aren't many in each group, what a lovely to way to spend a Saturday night! After we have all created in our small rooms we will finally come back together to share each others work and a discussion as to how to take your design further. Its a very unique way of working and you will learn so much, maybe something entirely new. Give it a go!


Skill Level for this Online Interactive Workshop:-

This class is open to all ages and abilities, if you can cut up magazines and use a glue stick, you’ve got it. Let go of control, art happens… if you let it!


Material requirements for this Online Interactive Workshop:-

Wait! Don’t throw those papers out! Anything will do for collage, collect tickets, magazine articles and old postage stamps and bring them along. It will all create something unique.

  • Card to be able to stick down your collage pieces, suggest 10” square

  • Glue Stick for paper

  • Pencil, market pens, ruler

  • Paper scissors


While not essential for the workshop, Sarah’s book ‘Collage to Quilt’ (published by Lucky Spool, 2022) will give you further ideas and quilt patterns taken from her collage collection.


Fabric requirements for this Online Interactive Workshop:-

We will only be working with paper on this workshop to create a collage, but of course I am happy for you to bring along complimentary fabrics to discuss for a quilt piece to be made at a later stage. We can also chat about those and the best way to transfer the collage designs.

Tickets for this Online Interactive Workshop (via the Zoom platform) will be limited and allocated on a first-come/first-served basis! Any free pattern and other information, relevant to this course will be forwarded to you after booking and approximately 5 days before the course date.

The ticket price of £30.00 is based on ONE person attending this crafting class.

This CraftyMonkies online interactive workshop is being broadcast from the United Kingdom and the class time given is based on British Summer Time (BST). We advise you check via Google Search (or similar) to see corresponding start-time in YOUR location!

Here's a great world time zone reference:-

Ordering MATERIALS/EQUIPMENT Online For Any Class/Workshop!

Please ensure you book your place & order any materials/fabrics/equipment online in plenty of time ahead of course dates.

This class is a live Zoom Workshop ONLY!


This class will be recorded for every participant who books a place. If you can't make it don't worry, we will send you the recording a few days later!


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