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Here is a super chance to be tutored and learn with textile artist and teacher Gary Mills!


You can create Gary's fabulous 'Family of Chickens Egg Cosies via THREE patterns to download with an easy-to-follow illustrated instruction guide (PDF includes patterns, images, and illustrated instruction guide). This fun, tutored project is for anyone wishing to explore, improve and learn their sewing skills!



This easy-to-follow pattern has the three sizes with different details to make this adorable family of chickens: all you need is small squares of fabric, pieces of felt, some thread and a needle. You'll be amazed how easy they are to make and in no time you will have your very own brood nesting down on your breakfast table, with all your ‘soldiers’ lined up ready for some serious runny-yolk-dunking!



This project comes with easy-to-follow illustrated guided instructions for construction, which covers simple hand-stitching with a needle & thread.  Or you can machine-stitch if you wish. You will learn to cut out simple pattern pieces, cut small pieces of felt fabric for the details and follow a process in stages to achieve the outcome. There is measuring and easy sewing assembly and turning through to make the chicken


Finished sizes of the 3 patterns:-

Chick: Finished size 4 ½ high x 5 ½ inches wide (12 x 14cm)

Hen: Finished size 5 ¾ high x 5 ¾ inches wide (15 x15cm)

Cockerel: Finished size 7 ½   high x 6 inches wide (19 x15cm)


Skill Level for this pattern: -

This workshop is suitable for all from a beginner to sewing or someone more experienced.


Material requirements for this pattern (to make all 3):-


  • For the outer you will need: 6 x 9” X 8” (23 x 20cm) squares of chosen cotton or linen fabric, you can even use old denim or recycled woven fabrics of your choice.
  • For the inner lining you will need: 6 x 9” X 8” (23 x 20cm) squares of plain cotton or calico
  • For an added insulation option, you can add an interlining between 6 x 9” X 8” (23 x 20cm) squares of wadding, such as quilting batting. You can always use fleece or old blanket (or similar) as an interlining.
  • Matching colour sewing thread.
  • For decoration around the heart motif, a length of either stranded embroidery thread or Cotton Perle colour of your choice. 
  • For the details you need a small quantity of red, yellow and a little orange felt
  • For the eyes: You have options, either 6x (0.5cm) buttons or push through toy eyes (in this illustration a simple stitched French Knot in black embroidery thread for the eyes)


Equipment requirements for these patterns: -

  • Sharp medium sized Sewing Needle
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Pins - a few!
  • Small Sewing Scissors for cutting threads and trimming.
  • Either a Fabric Pen or Pencil to mark points on the pattern
  • A Chopstick or similar is useful for turning out the corners


The following is optional but not necessary:

  • Pinking Shears - to cut the chicken’s comb edge
  • Bradawl if using the push through toy eyes
  • Chopstick or like to push out the corners.
Note: You can use a sewing machine if you prefer for this project; a basic straight stitch size 2 – 2.5 is required and a medium sized needle size 10-12


Copyright Terms & Conditions
It is NOT permissible to make a copy of this sewing pattern except for your own use. It is not permissible to share this pattern either in person, by post or by email. It is not permissible to sell this sewing pattern or a copy of it on to another person.


It IS permissible to sell an item that you have made from this pattern in small quantities. Please include the information that your items are made with a pattern from Gary Mills Designs. In online descriptions and on Instagram please tag me at @garymillsdesigns.


Share your creations on social media by tagging @garymillsdesigns/#garymillsdesigns and @craftymonkies/#craftymonkies.

Pattern: Gary Mills - Family of Chickens Egg Cosies

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