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Online Interactive Workshops

Click on each Workshop box (below) for full details about all Sewing Quilting Online Interactive Zoom Classes & Talks confirmed so far in 2023!

PS: We'll be adding more dates just as soon as we have all tutor availability

& class content confirmed!

CraftyMonkies Gary Mills Online Interactive Art Class: Retro Doodles and Patterns!
CraftyMonkies Sarah Payne Online Interactive Talk: Books, TV, Teaching and Quilt Collecting!
CraftyMonkies Nicholas Ball Online Interactive Workshop Improv Triangles!
CraftyMonkies Gary Mills Online Interactive Art Class: The Kitchen 'Draw'!
CraftyMonkies Jennie Pickett Online Interactive Workshop HyacinthSupply Case!
CraftyMonkies Karen Miller and Nicholas Ball Online Interactive Talk: Aurifil-osophy  - It's All About The Thread!
CraftyMonkies Victoria van der Laan Online Interactive Workshop: Explore Your Intuition Further!
CraftyMonkies Sarah Hibbert Online Interactive Workshop: Leap Into Collage!
CraftyMonkies Nicholas Ball Online Interactive Workshop: Mosaic Tiles!
CraftyMonkies Nicholas Ball Online Interactive Workshop: Drunken Tiles!
CraftyMonkies Janet Clare Online Interactive Workshop: Memory Quilt!
CraftyMonkies On-Demand Videos of Past Online Interactive Workshops

If, due to living in a different time-zone or because you’re otherwise engaged,

you are unable to attend any of our upcoming Online Interactive Workshops...

Watch again via on-demand!!!

Please note: Not all workshops/classes will appear as edited videos due to Licensing Restrictions imposed (wholly acceptably, we hasten to add) by some of our tutors; that said, the vast majority will be available!

CraftyMonkies 2023 Weekend Crafting Retreat Rutland Hall Hotel
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