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Here is a super chance to be tutored and learn with textile artist and teacher Gary Mills.


Through this easy to follow Pattern and illustrated Instructional Booklet with embedded video link, you can create Gary's fabulous draught-buster: 'Chippie' aka Chipolata Draught ExcluderThis fun tutored project is for anyone wishing to explore, improve and learn their sewing skills.


Introduction by Gary:-
I've really had fun coming up with this adorable little sausage dog Chipolata Draught Excluder which will put a smile on anyone’s face.
In this class I will guide you through the processes from start to finish and, alongside, I've also produced a clear PDF pattern and instruction booklet for you to download. Once complete, you will have to find a place for Chipolata/Chipolina to sit or rest up against that draft whistling under the door; your 'Chippie', would even make a fabulous gift for someone special...
What You Will Learn in this Online Interactive Workshop:-
This three-hour session is divided into two halves with a short comfort break for 10 minutes in the middle. To begin, you will be introduced to the project, and then Gary will guide you through each of the skills processes:
Skill Level for this Online Interactive Workshop:-
This workshop is suitable for the beginner, Intermediate & Advanced sewist.
Fabric & Material requirements for this Online Interactive Workshop:-
Choose your fabrics to either work with your interior of the room that Chipolata will be guarding or add a bold splash of colour, it is entirely up to you!
  • For the main body you will need 34” x 30” (87cm x 77cm) of fabric suitable fabrics are wool tweeds and similar fabrics, you can choose upholstery fabrics, cotton drill and cotton twill, canvas type fabrics and denim. You can choose a good quality cotton, it is up to you.
  • For the ears, tail, and legs 41” x 18” (104cm x 46cm) fabric as above fabrics, but you could choose more bright printed cottons to add further colour and pattern to your hound.
NOTE: Depending on your width of fabric you can always fold and turn your fabric lengthways rather than working widthways
Matching thread for machine and hand sewing
NOTE: You can add a coloured contrast embroidery thread to stitch the buttons on the legs to add further detail
  • For the eyes I have used 2x large 1” (2.5cm) brown buttons and 2x smaller ½” (1cm) black buttons.
  • For the legs will need 4 x 1” (2.5cm) buttons which either contrast or work with the fabric
  • For the nose I have used a small black pompom, but you can use a button or a large black bead.
  • For the collar 36” (92cm) length of 1” (2.5cm) wide ribbon
  • You will need 16oz or 500 grams of polyester toy stuffing or alternatively I have used a cheap pillow filling which works well.
NOTE: If you wish for a softer contour hugging ‘bean bag’ style draught excluder, you can substitute the body stuffing with cat litter or similar, although still use polyester stuffing for the nose and the head up to the neck.


Equipment requirements for this Online Interactive Workshop:-
  • Sewing-Machine straight stitches used (you can hand sew if you wish but will take you a little longer to make)
  • A general sewing box: scissors, needles, pins, tape measure
  • (Optional) Ruler or quilting square to help with marking your seam allowances.
  • Tailor’s chalk or fabric marker pen
  • (Useful) Iron for pressing
  • Chopstick or similar blunt stick for stuffing
  • As mentioned above paper scissors, sticky tape, or glue stick to join pattern.


Pattern Information relevant to this Online Interactive Workshop:-
Gary's Pattern & Instruction Booklet are included in this download.
Additional Information relevant to this Online Interactive Workshop:-
All will be revealed after download of Gary's class!


Copyright Terms & Conditions
It is NOT permissible to make a copy of this sewing pattern except for your own use. It is not permissible to share this pattern either in person, by post or by email. It is not permissible to sell this sewing pattern or a copy of it on to another person.


It IS permissible to sell an item that you have made from this pattern in small quantities. Please include the information that your items are made with a pattern from Gary Mills Designs. In online descriptions and on Instagram please tag me at @garymillsdesigns.


Share your creations on social media by tagging @garmillsdesigns/#garymillsdesigns and @craftymonkies/#craftymonkies.

Pattern: Gary Mills - Chipolata Draught Excluder

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