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Purchase this digital product and receive a link to the YouTube video of the CraftyMonkies Online Interactive Workshop featuring leading artist & craft expert Lucy Brennan and her wonderful More Walking Foot Quilting workshop, which first aired via Zoom on Saturday 17 April 2021.


Once you have purchased this product, the PDF document you will receive contains a link to the private-access video on YouTube as well as the Workshop Information Sheet.


Walking Foot Quilting is very straightforward (pun intended!), but you can also create more complex designs with lines, curves and templates! In this class you will learn how to build on simple patterns, explore various ways of marking/using a guide and even have a go at quilting your own designs. Lucy will lead you through each step to create samplers of different designs and achieve the confidence and understanding to tackle an all too common question: "How should I quilt this?!"...


What You Will Learn in this Online Interactive Workshop:-

  • How to prepare and mark designs

  • More advanced walking foot quilt patterns

  • Explore all over quilting designs as well as individual/block designs

  • How to securely start and finish your stitching

  • Tips for perfect stitches

  • As well as what to avoid!

  • Build your own designs

  • How to create visual interest and texture.


This class is suitable for those with previous walking foot quilting experience.


This class is available to view as many times as you like for 60 days FROM THE DATE OF YOUR PURCHASE

NOTE: Any short video featured in this promotional info is a Trailer and not the fully-edited version you'll gain access to via YouTube!


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Video of Workshop: Lucy Brennan - More Walking Foot Quilting!

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